With the news that a LEGO version of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) becoming an official set, many people have took it upon themselves to build their own Firehouse Headquarters to have it ready for when the vehicle is available this summer. Sergio Herencias is one of these people. From inspiration from Dr. Dave Watford and Brent Waller, he has created his version the Firehouse which is a hybrid of both Ghostbusters movies. From the descriptions, the building is 38cm x 33.6cm x 17.5cm and consists of 3467 pieces. The total time it took for him to build was around 20 hours. The floors are removable and it also includes lights from LifeLites. Sergio also has plans to include lights in the Ecto-1 as well. Check out the timelapse video of him building his Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters MOC below.

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