Back in March, we reported there were rumors that The Simpsons would be coming in LEGO form. Today, the rumors are now a reality. The same Danish newspaper has confirmed that there will indeed be LEGO The Simpsons sets coming in 2014. According to with the help of Google translate:

One of the most-loved, arch American families are now emerging as LEGO figures. These are the yellow cartoon family, The Simpsons. We get both Homer, Bart, Marge and the other to look to next year, says Mads Nipper, marketing director with responsibility for product development, marketing and sales of LEGO.

The launch of the characters is a “small product news” in the beginning, but if the reception is strong enough, can quickly turn up the production. It will be a small launch, but it will hopefully be fun and exciting for those who like the Simpsons universe, says Mads Nipper.

At Top Toy with both BR Toys & Toys’R’Us in Denmark, there is no doubt that the new series is going to sell. The target audience for The Simpsons are teenagers and adults, but there are also many children who know them, says product manager at Top Toy, Carsten Nielsen. He has also seen the figures as they appear in the 2014 catalog, and he says that “they are really well made.”

At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, we were hoping that LEGO would reveal The Simpsons since it was one of the largest entertainment conventions in the United States but it didn’t happen. Then the scene shifted to the just completed Brickfair Virginia. LEGO announced that there will be no set reveals at the event, so strike two. Hope was fading for the rumor but then news came in today that it was true.

The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom and has completed 530 episodes so far. The animated television series will be starting their 25th season in September. It also has a full-length feature film under its belt as well. Although there will only be a few sets at the product release, they will feature buildings from the town of Springfield as well as many of the main characters of the show.

Not all new LEGO sets is good news though. Back in March when the rumors started to surface, there were many who were opposed to The Simpsons in the LEGO Community. Individuals were “petitioning” to squash the idea of having the product released. However, by that time LEGO may have already done their product research and started initial production of the sets. Are you excited to hear that LEGO will be releasing The Simpsons sets or are you opposed to the idea?

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