Remember last year when we reported that Top Gear asked random people to take a survey on possibly bringing vehicles from the show into LEGO form? We doubted it but a new report from CM4Sci over on Eurobricks may ease my doubts just a little.

He has posted a list of “Super Car” sets, again from David Thomsen, which makes it seem that a LEGO Top Gear theme could be happening in 2015. If not, they may just be more Creator sets or maybe TECHNIC sets based on those supercars. The pricing is in New Zealand Dollars so USD will be a little lower than what is shown below. Again, take this information as rumors but it may seem that these are legit. Another question is “Who is David Thomsen?”

La Ferrari (75899) – 24.99/$20
458 Italia GT2 (75908) – 24.99/$20
McLaren P1 (75909) – 24.99/$20
Porsche 918 Spyder (75910) – 24.99/$20
McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop (75911) – 69.99/$60
Porsche 911 GT Finish Line (75912) – 99.99/$80
T & F14 Ferrari Truck (75913) – 179.99/$150

**Note: The image above was from the Top Gear survey from last year and NOT the rumored sets reported.**

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