If you’ve used the LEGO VIP Reward Center, you may have noticed that it’s a bit clunky to use. LEGO has been taking feedback and they have announced that they will be making the first big update to the site some time tomorrow. Most of the update will be dedicated to the front-end of the site which includes a refreshed look and feel of it. You can read more about the update below.

We have been listening to your feedback and pleased to let you know about the first big update to the VIP program.

As of tomorrow 8th of July (subject to change) we will be launching a refreshed VIP Reward Center. This refresh has a number of visual changes to the platform, but more importantly there are a number of technology changes that will be going live in the background.

Overall highlights of the change that you can see from tomorrow:

• Refreshed VIP reward Centre look and feel, navigation around the site is easier and more dynamic
• Improved sign in process to the reward centre
• The location and language you are viewing LEGO.com will follow you onto the VIP reward Centre.
• New Pop up and banner to inform you that you are no longer in your VIP home country, we heard cases where members had redeemed rewards in the wrong country and have been unable to get these rewards. I want to avoid that confusion so when you visit a different countries Reward Centre you will see limited selection of rewards.

All of these front end changes are also coming in hand with a number of system and process changes in the background many of these are based on the feedback from our members and their interactions with the VIP Reward Centre. This update importantly will allow us to start working on the next part of our roadmap for the VIP reward centre, further details. I will share in the near future.

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