Major LEGO Mistake in It Trailer

Here’s a little Sunday funday kind of post to start off the week. The new trailer for the remake of the classic film It dropped recently and there’s something LEGO related in it that may trigger fans. Eagle-eyed fan Nathan Wells found a mistake that made even producer Seth Grahame-Smith say they’re cancelling the release until further notice.

In the trailer, a LEGO model made of lime-green parts was dropped and if you look at it closely, there’s a 2×2 lime-green roof tile that can be seen. Unfortunately, the movie takes place in 1989 while the part wasn’t released until 2010. Obviously, this is an oversight of major proportions and we demand that director Andrés Muschietti reshoot the scene with correct LEGO parts used!

Clearly, I’m joking but it’s really it’s neat to see that there are fans with vast knowledge of LEGO even in a minute scale. As LEGO gets bigger and bigger, it’s also cool to see that more LEGO has been implemented into recent movies and TV shows with the latest one being the Death Star in Spider-Man: Homecoming and I hope to see more in the future.

  • Guyon van Oers

    Pretty cool someone can see that, though I absolutely despise this movie

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    If you said those exact words, no one would know you meant Lego.

    You would be considered nuts! 😀

  • Daniel Caplinger

    That’s not all. The 8×16 plates weren’t created until 2011.

  • Thomas Ley

    Not the only Lego anachronism in movies, though. I remember a scene in the 2014 Godzilla movie, set in the nineties but with a modern Lego Snowspeeder in it. It sort of bothered me as I remember.. 🙂