Currently, the hottest LEGO theme right now is probably the LEGO Wizarding World sets which comprise of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Fans have been thoroughly enjoying the return of Harry Potter and have been experimenting with some of the new parts from the new wand sprues which has been documented by New Elementary and also creating new Harry Potter MOCs. One that I’ve came across and have been told about are the Chocolate Frog Cards by Daan de Ruijter. The Chocolate Frogs were first seen on the Hogwarts Express in The Sorcerer’s Stone and with the sweets, there’s also collectible cards of famous wizards and witches.

Daan has made a very good replica of the card featuring the new Albus Dumbledore minifigure from the latest Collectible Minifigures (71022) series. Seeing that he has gotten some great responses from his first image, he has graciously provided the building instructions over on his website and has even provided the parts list as well. You can even customize it to whichever wizard or witch that you desire by switching out the minifigure. The only hard thing is making the stickers for the names.

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