LEGO Ideas WALL•E (21303)

A few days ago, I reported that the upcoming LEGO Ideas WALL·E (21303) set was possibly being delayed due to an issue with the build. There wasn’t any specifics of what the issue was or how long the release would be delayed because there hasn’t been an official statement by LEGO about it. However, they did mention on Twitter that it would be slightly delayed at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home but you can find it at other retailers like Toys R Us and such. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the set will be available on September 21 but I’m not sure where the source is for that date. I’ve also heard that it might available on September 27. As far as I know, the set is being delayed indefinitely.

The issue in question is the head/neck area where the head connects to the neck. The neck connection isn’t able to support the weight of the head and it will swing backwards every time you tilt the head up. The only problem with you getting it early is that you won’t have the the parts needed to stabilize the head. A few people who already have purchased WALL·E have contacted LEGO Customer Service and they are being sent parts 4211695 and 4265484 to help alleviate the problem but it doesn’t seem to make sense because they only further support the neck more but doesn’t really solve the problem with the joint in the neck holding the head as it will still swing backwards due to lack of friction.

I’ll try to gather more information and report them as they come.

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