Yesterday, we reported that someone on Brickipedia posted a couple of images of what could be two of the LEGO Minecraft minifigure scale sets, The Cave (21113) and The Farm (21114). Forum user Legosecrets is now back with another post of two more sets, The First Night (21115) and The Mine (21118).

The First Night is a simple looking set and looks something like what you would see if you played the game for the first time. It shows a simple building with an area for a sheep and includes Steve and a brick-built Creeper.

The Mine, on the other hand, is the largest minifigure scale set and as you can see below, it is huge. It has a whole underground network of minecart tracks and labyrinths that you will be able to build. On top is the upper level with a couple of trees and a Spider. Below that is the majority of the set where there is a waterfall as well as lava. For the mobs, there is a brick-built Creeper, a Zombie, and an arrow-shooting Skeleton. There are also some mining tools and some TNT.

Again, these sets are all speculation of what the final design will look like and they could just be prototypes. There is no pricing but has listed The First Night (21115) at €39.95 and The Mine (21118) at €99.95.

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