Just2Good over on Eurobricks has spotted some more rumors of LEGO City 2015 sets from Russian site Exoforce.ru. In this loosely translated post, they mention of some Construction based sets as well as a couple of the Great Vehicles. The Construction subtheme was last seen in 2009 although there were the Mining sets from 2012 which also had a couple of construction vehicles. This list in addition to the LEGO City Police sets that we reported on yesterday. Again, these are rumors but the source has been reliable in the past.

Tow Truck (60081)
Unknown Great Vehicle (60083)
Snowblower (60083)
Unknown Great Vehicle (60084)
Unknown Great Vehicle (60085)
Fire Starter Kit (60088)

Beginner’s Demolition (60072)
Truck Breakdown (60073)
Bulldozer (60074)
Excavator and Truck (60075)
Demolition (60076)

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