Vriverajr3 on Eurobricks has posted some preliminary images from a retailer catalog of the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes X-Men set as well as the LEGO DC Universe DUPLO sets. On the Marvel side, the image shows Wolverine in his classic yellow and brown costume with his cowl on while fighting a Sentinel. The Sentinel looks very basic at this point and I expect it will be improved when the product comes out. So far, we now have Magneto, Storm, classic Wolverine, and a Sentinel as some of the characters of the X-Men sets.

For the DC DUPLO sets, there are images of the Joker in The Joker Challenge (10544), Batman in a small Batmobile, and also in a Batwing. The figures have the usual oval heads and larger bodies. These sets are for children ages 2-5.

Again, all of these sets are preliminary images so we can expect the final products to be vastly improved on.

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