The LEGO Movie Secret Phrase

LEGO Shop@Home’s Facebook Page has posted the above image that has a secret phrase in it. Tell a Brick Specialist at your local LEGO Store the secret phrase and you can get a special reward just for that. There’s no word on what that reward is but my guess is The LEGO Movie Accessory Pack.

**Hint** We’ve reported it before earlier this week.

Update: I’ve received word that the reward may be a poster of Benny. I’ll have to confirm that the next time I go to the store or if someone already has one, feel free to comment what you got below.

Update 2: A lot of people have emailed me and also posted in the comments that the gift is indeed a Benny poster shown below. Thank you for everyone who have emailed in or commented.

Update 3: A few people say they cannot see the content in the Facebook link. You may have to be logged into Facebook and have liked the LEGO Shop Facebook Page as well. Trust me, just go to your store and tell them the secret phrase and you should get a Benny poster.

The LEGO Movie Benny The 1980-something Space Guy

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