Yesterday, we reported on some rumors of the Summer 2015 wave LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes as well as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets. Groove Bricks has some additional information from a LEGO Store employee who spilled some beans regarding the sets, more importantly, the minifigures that we could possibly see in 2015.

With the DC sets, apparently some pretty popular characters will be appearing in minifigure form including Deathstroke and Teen Titans Starfire and Beast Boy. Since it’s still too early for images of the minifigures, you can get an idea of what the characters look like if you’ve played LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

For the Marvel side, it was mentioned that a new variant of Spider-Man will be coming out. No word yet on which variant it could be since there are plenty to choose from. My fingers are crossed for Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider or Superior Spider-Man. Another minifigure that was stated that would be coming out was Iron Spider. If you’re not familiar with the comics, the Iron Spider Armor was created by Tony Stark and given to Peter Parker during the Spider-Man: The Other storyline and was also used during the Civil War storyline.

Yesterday, we mentioned that a rumored Sandman minifigure will be coming out next year and GB’s contact confirms that we will indeed be getting one as well as a Rhino minifigure with a brick-built suit. I’m not sure how LEGO will be pulling that off since Rhino’s suit is bonded with his body. I would gladly take a Bigfig version of him instead of a brick-built one. Hopefully it isn’t the Amazing Spider-Man 2 version. I’ve also been told that the Ultimate Spider-Man’s version of Rhino is based loosely on the ASM2 version so we could be see that as well.

This may be a lot to take in but take this report as only rumors until some sort of official indicator has been released.

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