LEGO Store New Orleans

There were two brand new LEGO Stores that opened this weekend here in the US with one in New Orleans at the Lakeside Shopping Center and one in Pittsburgh at the Ross Park Mall. As usual, there were exclusive minifigures given away for the first 500 customers. Unlike previous openings where LEGO gave away a three-pack of minifigures, they are now giving away a singular minifigure but each one has a special meaning to the store. I’m not sure if LEGO has given away single minifigures before this but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

For the New Orleans store, there is a Mardi Gras themed one with the minifigure having a purple and green outfit. These colors are synonymous with Mardi Gras which is a celebration period before Lent. The minifigure also has a saxophone as an accessory, which again, has a big part in the history of the city.

For Pittsburgh, fans get a generic hockey player and the sport is very popular there. Although it doesn’t say, the minifigure does have the colors of the Pittsburgh Penguins so that’s pretty cool too.

If you know there’s a LEGO Store coming to your city, check out the LEGO Events Page to get a sneak preview of them every month.

LEGO Store Pittsburgh

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