New LEGO Holiday Train Rumored for 2016

The talk around the LEGO community the past few days is about new LEGO Holiday Christmas Train that is rumored to be coming out later this year. This was first reported by nesquik on Eurobricks and was brought to light by Just2Good. It was mentioned that it is not a re-release of the 2006 Holiday Train (10173) so we don’t have to worry about the same issue that happened last year with the re-release of the Winter Toy Shop (10248). Keep in mind that nesquik has given legit information before in the past so what they are saying could be true. Of course things can change by the time the holiday season rolls around so I wouldn’t put too much into this rumor until some concrete details are uncovered. If a new Holiday Train is actually coming out this winter, would you guys be picking it up?

Update: The new Winter Holiday Train (10254) has been officially announced.

  • NRD1138

    I have it, but would likely pick up the next one as well.

  • OhioBricker

    I missed the first one, so I’ll be getting it even if it’s a total remake.

    • Mylittlebirdie

      Same. Everyone was so disappointed this last Christmas, but I just started collecting Lego Christmas sets, so I was excited!

  • crd55

    I would definitely pick it up, and it would help make up for the disappointment in the Toy Shop re-release last Christmas. We wanted a train so bad in our village, we retrofitted the Hogwarts Express with an engine to run.

  • Ross

    in a hot minute. They did such a good job with the first one that the bar’s pretty high on a potential new one however

  • David4

    I got the last one for half off ($45) and I love it, it’s still under my mom’s tree… that isn’t still up at ll… 😉

  • Unmovedmover

    After the considerable time and money I put into piecing together the first one this last Xmas, I can virtually guarantee that there will be a new train next year. I will also 100% get it.

  • Purple Dave

    Depends. Is it going to be Winter Village branded, or just another generic Holiday Train? Regardless, in terms of running on our layouts, I much prefer to raise the wheels on my custom Shellraiser and crank the speed up just a bit.

    • Jason A. Hoffman

      There isn’t really a Winter Village “brand” per se. They are sold under the CREATOR line. So if the box says “Winter Village Train” vs. “Holiday Train” that will determine the purchase?

  • legomom

    No, I have the first one. Even if it is a different, I have no need for two trains. Love the 9v tracks with the old one by the way. Much better for Christmas layout with something that doesn’t rely on batteries. They started to lose me with Santa’s workshop which doesn’t belong in the village, then after last years’ repeat I am done. May just add our own mocs to our village. Would be great if the advent calendar went with the train idea though to add some extra stops along the line, porters….

  • Angela M Munna

    YES!!! I def would!!

  • Botok

    Shut up and take my money Lego

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