LEGO Hong Kong has posted more teaser posters for the upcoming LEGO Monkie Kid theme in which they introduce four new characters. Each poster gives a short description of the characters but if you know the Journey of the West story, you will know who the posters are referring to.

他上天下地 – He goes to Heaven and comes back to Earth. Obviously, this is to reference to Sun Wukong but in this version, it is Monkie Kid.

他以食為天 – Food is the most important. This is for Pigsy as he loves to eat. He is also known as Zhu Bajie.

他威猛强悍 – He is powerful. This is Sandy and he is a powerful warrior also known as Monk Sha.

她智勇双全 – She is full of wisdom and courage. Not sure who they are referring to, maybe a brand new character.

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