The new LEGO VIP Program is now live and there are some new things to look forward to including exclusive rewards and sweepstakes. First off, all the VIP points you had are now converted to points to use to redeem items in the rewards center. Some of these items include art prints and exclusive promotional items like the VIP set as well as the LEGO DC Super Heroes Bat-Pod which costs 15,000. As you can see from the image below, I redeemed it using my points but it seems to be glitchy as I should’ve received a promo code to use during checkout but I didn’t get it. I’ve already contacted customer service to see what they say about it.

There are now more ways to earn points besides just making purchases. Some of these things include social media activities like retweeting or sharing posts as well as just clicking on emails that come in from LEGO. Points from your purchases are converted as follows:

US $1 = 6.5 points
CAD $1 = 5 points
£1 = 8 points
€1 = 7.5 points
AU $1 = 4.5 points
NZ $1 = 4 points
10 zl = 1.5 points
1 DKK = 1 point

LEGO VIP 2019-2

Points are earned on eligible purchases. Eligible purchases are defined as any service or merchandise available for purchase, excluding gift cards. Points will be earned on purchases made with gift cards at the time the gift card is redeemed. Please note, shipping and taxes are excluded from earning points.

Online—Having signed up, simply ensure you are shopping while signed into LEGO® ID. You will automatically earn points once payment is made.

Phone—When you make a purchase over the phone, keep your VIP Card at hand so you can quote your 9-digit card number to the advisor taking your order.

LEGO Stores—When you make a purchase at a LEGO Store, hand your VIP Card or show your Digital Card to the cashier. Your points will be added instantly to your card as part of your purchase transaction. Don’t worry if you don’t have you VIP Card with you, just let the LEGO Store Associate know your email address for them to locate your account.

Please note: You are earning partial points for your purchases, but these points do not show up in your online confirmation or account history. They will be added to your account and accrue in your points balance.

For example, if the LEGO item is $XX.XX, you are earning YY.YY points, but it will appear as if you have only earned ZZ.

There are other ways to earn points, including through social media activities and promotions (Social Media Qualified Activities). Just make sure you are logged in and your LEGO VIP Account is connected to your social accounts so you can get credit. Points-earning activities may include:

Retweeting or sharing our posts
Following us on Twitter or Facebook
Clicking on emails
A full list of non-purchase Social Media Qualified Activities—and the number of points you will earn for each—will be featured on the LEGO VIP Dashboard. There may be limitations placed on how often and / or how many total points you can earn by completing any Qualified Activity, and any such limitations will be stated on the LEGO VIP Dashboard.

While we’re happy to have you share our content, we also know no one enjoys spam. Make sure you’re not violating any of the terms and conditions of any social media platform. In the event the LEGO VIP Team determines, in its sole discretion, that you are abusing these Social Media Qualified Activities, your account may be terminated and any points earned will be forfeited.

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