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Is LEGO Overwatch Theme Cancelled?


For those who know me, I’m a huge fan of Overwatch and have been collecting many things from the line including the LEGO Overwatch sets. It’s a pretty niche theme but there were some cool parts and minifigures that have come out of it. The sets did release when the hype for the game died down substantially but there were still many dedicated players and fans.

Since the game was released, there were 21 original characters available to play and by the time the sets were released in January 2019, there were 29 total characters. Out of those 29, we only had minifigures of 15 of them, 16 if you count Bastion, however we were still missing some popular characters like Lucio and Mei. In fact, we didn’t get six minifigures from the original characters (Lucio, Mei, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, Symmetra, and Zarya).

Fast forward to summer 2019 when there were rumors of another wave that set to release some time in 2020. Brickset has sets 76978-76983 in their database since July 2019 but those are just placeholders. I’ve been talking to friends and reading online and most have been saying that we may not see another wave of LEGO Overwatch sets and the theme may have been cancelled outright. However, I want to note that Overwatch 2 was to be released this year but was delayed and those placeholder sets could have been tied to the sequel. Whatever the case is, LEGO won’t speak on such matters so we don’t exactly know what is going on at this point but fingers crossed that we get more sets down the line.


LEGO Announces LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery Interviews


The LEGO House in Denmark is still closed as the country has still not opened up but LEGO is looking to focus more on the virtual environment as they have launched recently launched a new YouTube channel for the LEGO House. They have also started a new series for the Masterpiece Gallery in which they interview builders who have their work displayed at the LEGO House.

The long awaited statement from the Danish Prime Minister on Thursday did unfortunately not change the situation for LEGO House. We still hope that we’ll be able to open before the summer holidays but nothing is for certain yet. Therefore LEGO House is still closed until further notice.

Instead we have decided to bring some of the LEGO House atmosphere home to our friends around the world. For weeks we have been creating “LEGO House @Home content” for our social media channels with tips and building tricks for family co-building at home.

Now we are adding a new layer specifically for adult fans.

As you know the Masterpiece Gallery is dedicated to exhibit LEGO masterpieces built by AFOLs from around the world. We have initiated making virtual interviews with all the builders to let them introduce their models and the thinking behind them.

The idea is to regularly upload new interviews at the LEGO House Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtyUPWUSp6I3bLgr3BQqL0w

The first interview went live today – here you get a peak behind the scenes of the amazing microscale LEGO city built by Caroline, also known as @Caz Mockett.


New LEGO London and Empire State Building Magnets Revealed


For those who are interested, there will be some new LEGO magnets coming out soon featuring London (854012) and the Empire State Building (854030). These join the newer monument style magnets that have been recenetly released with the first one being the Eiffel Tower (854011). They should be priced at $9.99 and are good gifts for those who like to travel and collect magnets.

**Via LEGO Certified Store HK – Kidsland**


New LEGO Monkie Kid Character Poster Teasers


LEGO Hong Kong has posted more teaser posters for the upcoming LEGO Monkie Kid theme in which they introduce four new characters. Each poster gives a short description of the characters but if you know the Journey of the West story, you will know who the posters are referring to.

他上天下地 – He goes to Heaven and comes back to Earth. Obviously, this is to reference to Sun Wukong but in this version, it is Monkie Kid.

他以食為天 – Food is the most important. This is for Pigsy as he loves to eat. He is also known as Zhu Bajie.

他威猛强悍 – He is powerful. This is Sandy and he is a powerful warrior also known as Monk Sha.

她智勇双全 – She is full of wisdom and courage. Not sure who they are referring to, maybe a brand new character.


LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) Building Instructions Available Online


I know a lot of us are disappointed that we aren’t able to get the LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) here in the US but our consolation is that LEGO has provided the instructions for us to build our own. Each of the dinosaurs have their own PDF and none of the parts are exclusive to this set. However, there are a number of them that are still very rare and don’t appear in many other sets but you can substitute them if they aren’t on the exterior areas of the build.


LEGO House Exclusives Available on [email protected] – Not Available in US


In the middle of the night, LEGO released their LEGO House exclusive sets on [email protected] for sale for a limited time. The US won’t be getting any of the sets due to legal requirements not on the packaging and instructions so we’ll have to find contacts that are able to get them. This is a real bummer because LEGO first announced that one of the sets was going to be available then they released a statement saying it won’t be. I believe the LEGO House is sold out but the other two sets as of this writing are still available in the UK, Ireland, and Denmark.

The LEGO House exclusive sets were produced with the intention of only being sold in the LEGO House Store in Billund, DK. As such, the packaging and building instructions for these sets do not contain the legal requirements necessary for distribution in many other countries around the world. The LEGO House Architecture set will be available in all European countries, while distribution of LEGO House Dinosaurs and LEGO House Tree of Creativity will be limited to Denmark, UK, and Ireland.

LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366)

UK – £74.99 | Ireland – €84.99 | Denmark – 749,00 kr.

LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000026)

UK £59.99 | Ireland – €64.99 | Denmark – 599,00 kr.


LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) Building Instructions Available for Download


Now that the LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotions are over on [email protected], they have provided the building instructions for the Death Star II Battle (40407) online. Head on over to the customer service page to download the PDF for the set. The V39 version is for the US copy but they’re both the same, minus some legalese text. The only part you’ll be missing is the printed 2×4 tile for the LEGO Star Wars logo as it is exclusive for this set. I don’t believe this set was sold out here in the US but it did in other countries.