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LEGO Club Magazine November-December 2012 Sneak Peeks


I’ve just received my copy of the LEGO Club Magazine for November-December 2012 and there are a few images that are worth noting. We’ve already seen an image of the new Galaxy Squad theme in the magazine but there are other teaser images for other themes coming out in 2013.

LEGO Star Wars

“The Yoda Chronicles – Secrets to tell, I have…” Yoda will be featured on the boxart for the LEGO Star Wars 2013 sets and apparently, he has many things to reveal, maybe in a new animated series?


“LEGO City Elite Police” – Chase McCain is featured on the teaser image. There are plenty of new LEGO City sets to add to your city including the Police Chase (60007) which has the exclusive Chase McCain minifigure.

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The new LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme is expected to roll out in January 2013 and is based on the animated series on Nickelodeon. You can see images of The Shellriser Street Chase and other sets in my older posts.

LEGO Legends of Chima

As Ninjago closes out in 2013, the highly anticipated Legends of Chima will be replacing it with a new animated series on the Cartoon Network and some impressive sets. The back pages of the LEGO Club Magazine features who appears to be Leonidas and the lion faction fighting against Cragger and the crocodile faction. There’s still no details of the sets yet but expect them to be showing up as we get closer to 2013.


Free LEGO Star Wars Shirtless Darth Maul at ToysRUs.com


For a limited time, ToysRUs.com is giving away a LEGO Star Wars Shirtless Darth Maul polybag for free with a $25 purchase of any Star Wars sets. The offer is only valid online although the listing does say it is sold in stores for $4.99. I went to a Toys R Us today and I did not see any of the minifigures anywhere. Remember that Toys R Us marks up their prices but for a very collectible minifigure like Darth Maul, spending a little more may be worth it.


LEGO Lord of the Rings Video Game Free Demo


As we get closer to the release of the LEGO Lord of the Ringsicon video game, you might be wondering what the game is like. Over on the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game minisite, you can now download a free pre-release demo level of the game for the PC. The game will work on Windows 7, XP, and Vista but not for the Mac. Below is a walkthrough of the gameplay.


The demo takes place at the end of The Two Towers with a cutscene where the characters arrive at Helm’s Deep and prepare for battle. After the cutscene, you get to play as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli to solve a puzzle to get to the top of the castle walls. Then another cutscene starts where a Rohan archer accidentally shoots and kills an Uruk-hai and the battle begins. Again, you control the characters and you have to destroy the ladders that are perched against the wall. There are three rounds of this. Shortly, another cutscene starts with a berserker runs towards the wall where explosives are set while Legolas and Gilmi fail to stop him. The wall explodes and you gain control of the characters again to retreat into the keep. A short cutscene again you have to hold off the Uruk-hai and repair the door. After that, you control Legolas to take down some more ladders. There’s also a small puzzle where you push a box down to Aragorn and Gimli to create a perch to climb up a rope to the top. After you reach the top, there’s a cutscene where the Uruk-hai breach the keep and and everyone retreats inside. Theoden and Aragorn ride down the castle where you can control the characters a little bit to destroy stuff for coins. When you get to the bottom, a cutscene of Gandalf the White arrives on Shadowfax along with Eomer and his army join the fight and gain victory while the Uruk-hai army retreats.

Overall my first impression of the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game is very nice game from what I’ve played. The graphics of the gameplay as well as the cutscenes were really amazing. There were some funny scenes that TT Games included for a little change of pace from the action. The only negative about the game is that the controls are a little bit wonky on the PC. I would suggest downloading it and giving it a try.


LEGO Lord of the Rings 2013 Set Rumors


A user by the name of CM4S on Eurobricks has posted three LEGO Lord of the Rings sets that are rumored to be released in March 2013. There’s no official confirmation of the sets as the original poster had to remove them so right now we’re just going against someone’s word. All we have that there will be LEGO Lord of the Rings sets is an image of the One Ring with reflections of Frodo Baggins, Gollum, Gandalf the Grey, and Aragorn with the caption of “The Quest of the Fellowship Continues in 2013.” Again, until we have some sort of confirmation, the sets below are purely rumors.

790xx The Betrayal of Isengard
Includes: Gandalf, Saurman, and 5 Orcs (no Uruk-Hai)
Will also include the Palantir
1034 pcs

790xx Treebeard Encounter
Includes: Merry, Pippin, and an Orc
Will also include a brick-built Treebeard
583 pcs

790xx Bridge of Khazam Had (sp?)
Includes: Gandalf
Includes a brick-built Balrog
291 pcs


LEGO Street Fighter Minifigures For Child’s Play Charity A Success!!


Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster

A couple of days ago, Julian Fong, aka levork, posted an eBay listing to sell his awesome custom LEGO Street Fighter 2 minifigures with all the proceeds going to Child’s Play Charity. On Friday, November 2, 2013 at 11:00PM PST, the auction was completed with 23 total bids and the final bid of $500.00! Children at local hospitals worldwide can now receive new toys, games, and books with the help of Julian’s generous donation to Child’s Play. We here at The Brick Fan would like to congratulate Julian on this amazing achievement!

I would also like to thank some fellow AFOLs, @ChrisPirillo, @DianaPirillo, and the @LockerGnome community, for help spreading the word about the auction as well.


LEGO City: Undercover Chase McCain Minifigure (5000281) Review


LEGO City: Undercover Chase McCain Minifigure (5000281)

In September, we reported that the LEGO City: Undercover game will be coming out on the Nintendo Wii U and a couple of days ago, we saw the first image of the polybag for the Chase McCain minifigure. Target stores are now selling preorders of the game. For $1, you get a reservation card as well as the polybag for the minifigure attached to the back. You also get a LEGO City: Undercover collector’s card. For a limited time, if you purchase the game when it is released on November 18, 2012, you get a FREE $5 Target gift card. There were a few of the minifigs on the racks so I decided to purchase all the ones they had as you can see below.

LEGO City: Undercover Chase McCain Minifigure (5000281) LEGO City: Undercover Chase McCain Minifigure (5000281) LEGO City: Undercover Chase McCain Minifigure (5000281)


LEGO Galaxy Squad Image From LEGO Club Magazine


Lego Club Nov-Dec 12 Magazine

Murphquake has uploaded images from the November-December Club Magazine of what may be the first images of the new highly anticipated LEGO Galaxy Squad sets. What we can see in the comic is Earth shooting a laser into space, probably from the Galaxy Squad, at a giant wasp looking insect as well as many insect figures with the caption:

What is this newest threat?? Get ready to defend the universe from extraterrestrial pests with Galaxy Squad!

*Via Brickset**

vynsane on Eurobricks has found descriptions of the sets and translated them using Google Translator.

70700 Space Swarmer (translation from German: Space Beetles)
The evil alien beetle-like insect buzzing in his space-beetle in the Galaxy! Do not let that captures the robot the Galaxy squad with the mouth parts of the beetle! Help him to escape with his jetpack out of the reach of the sound cannon of the insect! Get yourself to safety, take the space bug to target and turn it off with your blaster! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: beetle insect-like alien and robot Ages 7 and up.

70701 Swarm Interceptor (translation form German: defensive jet)
A dangerous alien races mosquito zoom on its space plane! Holding that creepy critter on together with the leader of the blue team, Solomon Blaze, and the divisible defense-Jet! If the fight goes out of control, the Abwehrjet the Galaxy squad are divided into 2 machines: an agile flier with removable missiles and a powerful gun turret with camouflaged missiles! Against the divisible Abwehrjet with Solomon Blaze in the cockpit, the alien insects have no chance! Includes 2 minifigures and appropriate weapon: Solomon Blaze and alien mosquito. Ages 7 and up.

70702 Warp Stinger (translation from German: mosquito)
Holding the insect alien on board the Space furchterrregenden mosquitoes! He used the surplus function of the space mosquitoes to attack the heroes of the Galaxy squad. Make the Alien with the leader of the red team, Billy and his Speeder Starbeam harmless! Beware of sticky cocoon-case of space Mosquitoes beware! Exhort from the detachable blaster and try using the robot to free the galaxy from these oversized pests! The space, with its cocoon mosquito trap, the moving wings, the removable bullets and the shooter feature a very dangerous opponent. Includes 3 minifigures and appropriate weapon: Billy Starbeam, robot henchman with Jetpack and alien mosquito with wings. Ages 8 and up.

70703 Space Mantis
The Space Mantis has taken with her nimble grasshopper legs tracking the Galaxy squad teams. Holding onto the space of the Mantis aliens before Solomon Blaze and his blue robots get into his mouth sting! Parts of the vehicle Galaxy squad in an armored car and an agile flier on! Beware of the launcher and the sticky cocoon of space Mantis care! Includes 3 minifigures: Solomon Blaze, blue robot henchman and exclusive red insect Alien From 7 years.

70704 Vermin Vaporizer (translation from German: robot special buggy)
Space Scorpion hastetmit its cocoon behind the green hero of Galaxy Squad! Set to Help the leader of the Green Team, Chuck Stone Breaker and his green robot here, the critter with the ScRobo special laboratory incapacitated! Bring the alien invader in trouble by you split the robot specialized laboratory in a powerful robot and an armored lab! Translate Chuck Stonebreaker in the cockpit of the robot and fire powerful missiles and rockets into the double-Alien! In a special laboratory, you can then examine the alien insect. Includes 3 minifigures: Chuck Stone Breaker, Green Robot and alien insect Í all with matching weapons. Ages 8 and up.

70705 Bug Obliterator (translation from German: Command Shuttle)
Dangerous space dragonfly tries to capture the heroes of the Orange Galaxy squad in a cocoon prison. Fly with the command shuttle and the heroes of the Orange team, Jack and Ashlee StarStrider Fireblade! The vehicle can be a button in a rugged utility vehicle and split a manoeuvrable space ship that brings the insects from the top in distress! Exhort from the camouflaged missiles and laser cannons to repel these alien creatures! Includes 3 minifigures: Jack Fireblade, Ashlee StarStrider and alien insect with wings, weapons and cocoon. Ages 8 and up.

There is an image of a few of the Wave 1 sets but they are stamped “Confidential” so we won’t post them here. You can probably find them floating around online.