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Search for LEGO Avengers: Endgame Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) Polybag Using Brickseek


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame Iron Man and Dum-E (30452)

A few days ago, I reported that the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) polybag has started showing up at Walmart. Thanks to JAC Gerdjunis in the comments, we now have the SKU and UPC for the polybag. You can now check your closest location using Brickseek see if they have them near you. As always, it is not totally accurate so be wary of that.

SKU: 181873089
UPC: 67341930616


Is LEGO Disconnected From Its Fans?


Over on the LEGO Ambassador Network, there’s been a very interesting discussion about LEGO and the perception of the company being disconnected with the fans. There’s been many things that LEGO has done in recent years that makes fans not enjoy the company as they once did.

There have been many examples given so far such as the Black VIP card debacle and its “promotions.” The Black card was hard to get simply because you had to purchase the UCS Millennium Falcon in a certain time span but it was always out of stock so nobody could buy it. By the time that LEGO had enough stock to go around, the time to be able to get the card had already ended. As far as the promotions for the card are concerned, they’re pretty bad. From what I remember, there was a blueprint poster for the Y-Wing and black card frame.

Another thing are the various exclusives such as the convention ones as well as the recent Chinese New Year sets or even the “chase” minifigures which segregates who is able to acquire them by normal means. Even more recently, The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz that were exclusive to Walmart and Target. Believe me, I’ve read all of your guys’ comments and I do understand how you feel.

For me personally, it was the change to the LEGO Store Calendars where they took off the promotions. I’m not sure why they did it because people like to plan their shopping. From what I heard, LEGO didn’t want their sales to be lumped into a certain time frame where the promotions ran and wanted more steady sales during the month. It’s understandable from the company’s point of view but for customers, it makes people unsure when is a good time to buy.

As for the LEGO Ambassadors, we have our own stuff to deal with but LEGO has posed a question to the community, what makes you feel the company is being disconnected with the fans? Where are you seeing this? How are you seeing this? What can be done? There are no wrong answers but we would like to send the comments and feedback to LEGO so they can learn how to improve. Let us know in the comments and I’ll send in a summary.


LEGO April Fool’s Day 2019 Roundup


April Fool’s Day came and went and as usual, there were many pranks that were done in the LEGO community including some from our fellow fan site colleagues. If you didn’t see it, we reported on the LEGO VIP Personalized Shopper Program which was a convoluted way to shop automatically using the wishlist feature. Below is a compilation of some of the things came online yesterday as part of our tradition. If you saw something that I didn’t post, let us know in the comments.


Impossibly large Creation


Brickset under new management


LEGO Fabuland Return For 40th Anniversary

Collectible LEGO Brick Separator Series Revealed


Find My Brick

The Brothers Brick/Beyond the Brick

The Brothers Brick acquires Beyond the Brick YouTube channel

The Rambling Brick

Steamboat Willie Resilience Build; Nostalgia+ Program announced


LEGO and CBS enter into cooperation: Star Trek Discovery Sets in 2020


LEGO Education Announces SPIKE Prime


LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

Earlier today, LEGO announced a new product to the LEGO Education theme with SPIKE Prime. It is the newest product that will be added to the LEGO Education portfolio and it is used to help kids learn how to program with the app based on the Scratch coding language. SPIKE Prime has 523 pieces including a new multi-port Hub and 11 new elements that will be first introduced with this set. Check out images of the set and the press release below.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, a New Hands-On Learning Approach for Classrooms, Announced Today

Adding to the LEGO® Education portfolio of combined physical and digital learning experiences, SPIKE Prime has been unveiled today, along with new insights on students’ confidence in learning STEAM subjects.

Billund, Denmark (April 2, 2019) – Today, LEGO® Education announced LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, the newest product in the LEGO Education hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) learning portfolio. SPIKE Prime brings together LEGO bricks, a programmable, multi-port Hub, sensors and motors all powered by the engaging SPIKE app based on the Scratch coding language. The SPIKE app includes lessons aligned to certain standards and many being able to be completed within a 45-minute class, making it easy for teachers to take SPIKE Prime into the classroom.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

SPIKE Prime is a completely new design from LEGO Education. It has been created to reach all levels of learners, to be an inclusive, intuitive and naturally adaptive physical and digital creative approach, and engage all middle schoolers in technology-enabled STEAM learning with confidence. According to results from a new Confidence in Learning Poll, fielded by Harris Insights & Analytics and released today, hands-on learning builds confidence. Eighty seven percent of students say they learn and remember topics more when the learning involved hands-on projects, and 93 percent of parents say hands-on learning helps children retain knowledge for the future. Additionally, while the importance of hands-on learning is clear, only 40 percent of teachers say their students usually or always get substantial time during the school day for hands-on lessons.

When it comes to STEAM learning specifically, teachers and parents agree that the number one way their students can build confidence in STEAM subjects is working on a hands-on project with others. The poll showed students who are confident in STEAM are more likely to be confident at school overall and enjoy learning new things. The entire LEGO Education portfolio, now including SPIKE Prime, was specifically designed to get students hands-on with lessons that challenge them to think critically and creatively, to problem solve and to communicate effectively with others.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

To help build students’ confidence in learning and to support teachers who are interested in incorporating more STEAM learning into their classrooms, LEGO Education is providing a Confidence in Learning toolkit and workshops to schools around the world with its continuum of hands-on learning products, including SPIKE Prime. LEGO Education learning experts will help teachers incorporate hands-on STEAM learning into the classroom to engage all students and promote building their confidence in learning.

Esben Stærk Jørgensen, president of LEGO Education, said: “We are seeing a challenge globally in middle school children, typically aged 11-14. At that age, children start losing their confidence in learning. The Confidence Poll data shows that most students say if they failed at something once, they don’t want to try again. With SPIKE Prime and the lessons featured in the SPIKE app, these children will be inspired to experiment with different solutions, try new things and ultimately become more confident learners. And for teachers, time is the ultimate barrier. The lesson plans, resources and models make it so easy for teachers to integrate SPIKE Prime into the classroom.”

“Our mission at LEGO Education is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, enabling every student to succeed – and that’s exactly what SPIKE Prime offers,” added Jørgensen.
SPIKE Prime joins the nearly 40 years of LEGO Education’s legacy of product development by an international team of designers, dedicated educators and leading technology experts.

Each SPIKE Prime set has 523 pieces which can be used to build many different creations including corresponding STEAM lesson plans that were created by and for educators to help them bring more hands-on STEAM learning into their curriculum and get students more engaged and excited about STEAM subjects.

LEGO Education and the LEGO Group have also created 11 new innovative elements for the LEGO System in Play, which will be first seen with SPIKE Prime. These new elements include an innovative integrator brick, which allows for building together with both the LEGO Technic and the LEGO system platforms, further expanding systematic creativity and the building possibilities.

The new product will be ready for purchase in all markets in August 2019. SPIKE Prime is available today for pre-order in the US at LEGOeducation.com/SPIKEprime.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime


LEGO Thor’s Stormbreaker April 18 Building Event


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor's Stormbreaker

LEGO Brand Stores will be holding an in-store building event on April 18 and we now have a first look at Thor’s Stormbreaker build. Registration is required for the event and you can start signing up on April 5 in stores only on a first-come, first-served basis. I think the build is pretty cool as it gets kids ready for Avengers: Endgame.


LEGO April 2019 Store Calendar Promotions & Events


LEGO April 2019 Store Calendar

Even though physical copies of the April 2019 LEGO Store Calendar was available last month, I didn’t do a post about it simply because of the recent changes that LEGO made to it, more specifically the promotions. The promo were pretty much the main thing people look forward to on the calendars so they could plan their purchase. LEGO knows about the fans’ dislike of the change but as of this time, there’s no word on whether they would go back or not.

Anyways, here’s the April 2019 LEGO Store Calendar and some of the events that will be going on. If you didn’t know, the promotion for the LEGO Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958), will be running from April 5-22 with purchases of $35 or more at LEGO Stores and on [email protected]. If anyone wants to scan the next month’s store calendar for me to report on, feel free to email me at [email protected].

April 15: Minifigure Swap Monday
April 18: In-store Building Event for Thor’s Stormbreaker. Registration is required and is on a first-come, first served basis. Signups begin April 5 in stores only.
April 20 & 27: LEGO Life Meeting
April 22: Celebrate Earth Day with a special building event. Create your very own spring scene using LEGO bricks made from plants. Registration begins on April 5

LEGO April 2019 Store Calendar


LEGO April 2019 Double VIP Point Sets


It’s a new month and that means there are new LEGO sets that you can earn double VIP points on for the whole month. For this month the sets are the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame Avengers Ultimate Quinjet (76126) and Avengers Compound Battle (76131). The offers are valid in stores and on [email protected] until April 30 which is nice considering the sets just came out yesterday and it was during the last day of the double VIP point promotion for March.