Back in April, we did a post promoting Project Swapfig on Kickstarter. The project was started by Drew Maughan, aka SilentMode, to help bridge the gap for minifigure traders. The site allows people to trade away their unwanted LEGO minifigures for ones they want or need. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter project didn’t meet its goal.

Fast forward to today, Drew has decided to start another crowdfunding campaign for Project Swapfig but this time, it is on Zequs. Some differences from the original Kickstarter project is that the target is at £1500 instead of £3000 and has a longer duration. One thing that is similar is that there are certain rewards that you can get for pledging a certain amount. Head over to Zequs to see what Drew has to offer including a Gold SwapFigure.

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