Ranking the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) to Previous Modulars

LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260)

Now that the dust has settled down on the announcement of the newest modular building, the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260), let’s talk about how it matches up with the existing modulars. Many fans like the 50’s style of the building while some didn’t like how it looked as it doesn’t match up with the architectural styles of the previous buildings. Another complaint I’ve seen is the use of expressive faces the minifigures will have compared to the traditional classic smiley faces.

Compared to the previous modular buildings LEGO has released so far, how would you rank the new Downtown Diner (10260)?


  • OhioBricker

    I’d put it in the middle-ish, but I’m almost always pleasantly surprised by how much more I like a set after I’ve built it. I really like that it can be a corner building or right in the middle of the block. Not a huge fan of the “Diner” sign, but we’ll see…
    I know they’re usually not the star of the show, but I’m not impressed with the Minifigures (outside of the Rock ‘n Roll guy.) I’m sure I’d rather have more buidling, but I do like the car.

  • Sidney Vega

    I do rather like it a lot. I like it much better than Detective’s Office. I’ll love it once it’s in my city. I just don’t know where I’ll place it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af605f5877df2e79ad919712898ed485741e32054feb05936f926c4d5725cbcf.jpg

  • James Busch

    I would rank this set nearer to the top of the list. I do really enjoy the aesthetic and have been hoping for a diner for quite some time but I wish it was only a one story building, but because of the glaring minifigure flaw this set is thusly pushed near the bottom of my list. Hopefully the minifigures aren’t as glaringly out of place in person.

  • Brandon Haydu

    It looks more fitting for a Miami-themed city. The diner would be nice if it was like the Ideas one that was recently up for review. As a stand-alone it’s a nice set but it doesn’t really fit in the style of the previous modular sets.

    I agree it’d look really nice as a one story building but for the modular Creator series, I’d have made it look more shabby like a NYC diner, maybe get rid of the curved window and stairs (but as a one story set the curved window feature is and exterior do look really cool and I like what the designer did with the framing of windows).

    I like the drain spout/gutter and AC addition but something about the color of that part of the building just doesn’t fit with the rest of this set’s color scheme.

    The interior was done really nicely.

    Taking in exterior aesthetics, interior decorations, and how the modular sets fit with one another, I did rank it towards the bottom of my list. Next year I’d like to see just a plain apartment building, we have some sets with attached apartments, but I think non-business affiliated apartment would help break up some of the clutter in city layouts.

  • Adrian

    To me this building will go into the Entertainment area with the Picture Palace and Parisan Restaurant. It ranks about the same as these buildings. The jukebox inspired look to this 50’s style building is colourful and interesting with one end of the building fronting a lane way and the other other up against another modular will give it some life and tells a “Happy days “ type story. You could turn this one into and ice cream building for the seaside.