Today is September 11 and people around the world are doing various things to remember the lives lost during the tragic event in 2001. Our good friend Mariann Asanuma (Model Building Secrets) created the above LEGO mosaic of the iconic Raising the Flag at Ground Zero picture by photographer Thomas E. Franklin to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the event but it is still fitting for every year since it remind us that our resolve grows stronger every year.

Nathan Sawaya has also created a piece to remember the event and has created a version of Yellow featuring the famous Statue of Liberty showing her heart.

I wanted to do a special piece for the city. The Statue of Liberty is a welcoming symbol of this city and ultimately she is all about heart.

Never Forget

Flickr user TAMUMick has recreated a firefighter helmet with a prominent 343 in the front to represent the 343 FDNY firefighters who perished during the September 11 while protecting the citizens of New York.

If you have something created with LEGO bricks to commemorate September 11, feel free to contact us and we’ll feature your works of art as well. Never forget 9/11.

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