Our friends over at Brick Fanatics is starting a new feature on their site where they’ll be sharing LEGO MOC instructions from different various artists who submit their content. If you remember last year, the LEGO CUUSOO Shaun of the Dead Winchester Pub project by Greg Coquelz, aka Yatkuu, was rejected by the LEGO Jury even though it had a massive following from supporters including Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. You’ll be glad to know that Greg has provided the instructions for you to download for free. So if you’ve been wanting to build your own Winchester Pub, well here’s your chance.

Greg has also provided instructions of the Stargate Heavy Machine Gun for free. It doesn’t stop there! There are also premium instructions that you can purchase for a very affordable price of $2 for his Stargate Bookends (see below image). These instructions are also available through Brick Fanatics.

I think this is a very interesting concept by Brick Fanatics because maybe you’ve seen a MOC that you really like and would like to recreate it. If that artist decides to submit their instructions to BF, you can probably get for a certain price or even for free. You’ll be sure that we’ll be featuring more submitted instructions as they become available.

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