Rest of LEGO Toys R Us Bricktober 2017 Sets Revealed

Exclusive minifigures at Toys'R'Us

It looks like we have a look at the full line up for the Toys R Us Bricktober 2017 promotion thanks to BrickSamurai. I’ve already talked about the The LEGO Batman Movie (5004939) and the LEGO City Jungle Exploration (5004940) but we can now see the other two sets in the series.

There will be a generic minifigure series that includes a boxer, a hippie, a cheerleader, and a sailor. These minifigure don’t look that special as they are recolors of previous minifigures. The cheerleader looks to be the human form of the Zombie Cheerleader from the Series 14 Monsters Collectible Minifigures. This is listed as set #4 for of the series.

The other set based on LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and not on The LEGO Ninjago Movie as previously rumored. The minifigures in this set include a white Nendroid, Neuro, Acronix, and Season 4 Rebooted version Kai, confirmed by Simon Lucas. This one is listed as the first set of the series.

Now that we’ve seen all of the Toys R Us Bricktober 2017 sets, the most interesting one is definitely the one for The LEGO Batman Movie. The other sets are fairly bland but the Ninjago one does look somewhat interesting. There’s no word on when Bricktober is here in the US but it’s usually in October so we have a few more weeks before we know the details.

  • colby ostrin

    I really want all of them, except for the city one. The ninjago ones are so cool!

  • Huh?!?

    I want to be able to just purchase it outright as opposed to meeting a certain purchase amount threshold as Toys R Us prices are somewhat inflated

    • zachary adams

      They price match… Problem solved.

      • Purple Dave

        They either price-match, _or_ they honor any other in-store offers. They don’t do both. I’ve tried to get price-match and BOGOHO on the same purchase and it just made the sale more expensive than if I stuck to their advertised sale because the price-match blocked the BOGOHO from being applied. Since TRU does GWP by ringing up the sale and then applying a discount to cancel the cost of the GWP, I suspect trying to do this will block the GWP discount and will therefore only save you money if you buy enough to exceed the GWP MSRP with combined TRU “discount”. At that point, you could probably split your purchase to get two or three copies of the Bricktober set instead.

  • David4

    Must get Bunny Batman.

    But realize TRU is horrid, so I’ll just by a knockoff for $1.79 on eBay.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      I haven’t bought Lego from TRU since one day about 2 years back when the sale was actually better than Amazon. I will never see that again in my life…

  • Purple Dave

    Dangit. Now I want a few copies of the CMF 4-pack, also. But seriously, LEGO, the original boxer had red gear. The female boxer had red gear. Raging Bat has dark-purple gloves…but no boxing headgear, so that really doesn’t help. The Team GB boxer is super rare and has blue gear, but the headgear is printed. Why is this yet another boxer with red gear?!?!?!? Did the Queen sign you guys to some sort of exclusivity contract that prevents you from releasing a blue boxer for anything besides the Team GB minifigs?

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Blue is a British color. It can not be used overseas.

  • Victor Renoux

    Darn it, I have to have that Ninjago one! Neuro and Acronix are too awesome to pass up!

  • Purple Dave

    Alan, I get what you’re thinking with the cheerleader, but they sadly skipped that possibility. For those who don’t know what he’s talking about, if you look at the S14 Monsters wave of CMF, a couple of them are clearly based on previous minifigs. The Wolfman is wearing the same outfit as the S5 Lumberjack, and the Zombie Pirate is very similar to the S8 Pirate Captain (though, comparing them now, not as identical as I’d previously thought). Then there was a DK book on minifigs that came with a Zombie Skater that is also wearing the exact same outfit as the S1 Skater (albeit with upgraded jeans). But in this case, the new cheerleader not only has a different haircolor, but her outfit has a “J” (green…”J”…you don’t think…), where the Zombie Cheerleader has a “Z”. It can be difficult to tell from photos of print ads especially, but it looks like she might be in regular green where ZC was dark-green. So, yeah, a bit bummed that they let that one slip past, but I was also seriously disappointed when I realized that only two of the Monsters series were based on previous minifigs. That would have been so awesome if they’d figured out how to tie every one of them in to a previous CMF.

  • Ryan Meek

    These dates show it starting today????? Is this an error or do I need to get to toys r us tomorrow.

    • This is the German calendar. The US doesn’t start until October.

  • Gomek

    Previous years were so lame I never paid attention.

    I may have to get all of these though. What was the cost last year in the US?