The LEGO Batman Movie Bricktober 2017 Set Revealed

The LEGO Batman Movie Bricktober 2017 (5004939)

Traditionally, Toys R Us has been releasing exclusive minifigure sets for their annual Bricktober celebration and it looks like we know what this year’s set will be. PromoBricks has found out that we will be getting one for The LEGO Batman Movie (5004939). There are four different minifigures included but the one that stands out for me is the Easter Bunny Batman which I’ve been waiting on for a while. As shown on the top of the box, this set is the second of four sets that will be available.

There’s no word yet on how to get it during Bricktober but usually it’s with a certain dollar amount purchase, most likely at $75 or more. If there are any left over from the promotional period, they are sold by themselves.

The LEGO Batman Movie Bricktober 2017 (5004939)

  • Jon Houck

    Does it usually come free with a purchase or you have the option to purchase it if you spend $75 or more?

    • Mike McIntire

      Usually free with a purchase. Bricktober packs may or may not sell out and when bricktober is over, they put the leftovers on the shelves. They usually start around $20 when they do that, and slowly drop in price till gone.

    • Purple Dave

      By intention, these promos are not supposed to be shelved until their promo period starts (e.g. Set 2 will show up a week after Set 1), and they are not _supposed_ to ring them up as a standalone purchase until their promo period has ended. In actuality, many TRU stores have been known to stock GWP promos as soon as the arrive, during which time they can usually be purchased for their listed value (if a diligent cashier or manager doesn’t catch on and kill the sale). After a specific set’s promo period has ended, any leftovers should be shelved for general purchase (e.g. during Week 3, you should be able to just buy Set 1 or Set 2…and apply that price towards qualification to get Set 3 for free).

      Now, with random GWP promos, the staff generally has no advance knowledge of what will be offered when, so they may not realize what they’re stocking until they’re all sold out. Bricktober has been going on since 2009, so anyone who has been employed there for at least a few years, and even any new employees who were regular shoppers before hiring in, should be fully aware of what these are and when they’ll be arriving. They _should_ be less likely to slip out early, short of bribery.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    Well, it’s definitely better than last year’s hodgepodge figures.

  • Purple Dave

    So would it decrease, or possibly _increase_ the value of the new UCS MF if you took all of the Disney Wars minifigs, smashed them with a hammer, and…and…more Batmen? Sorrygottagobye!

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    I never realized how much I needed Batman in a bunny suit until now.

    • Purple Dave

      You never saw the giant flashlight-keychain version? It came out back when the first wave of sets hit, and people were asking how they could make that and _not_ also make a minifig. I’m still wondering why Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman is only available as a regular keychain, but at least that can be turned into a standard minifig for display purposes.

      • Snugglesgodofdeath

        Honestly, my brain ignores the existence of the flashlight-keychain things as much as possible. If I ever saw it, it wouldn’t have registered.

  • Luis Wilfredo Leon

    When is the release date?