Remember last year when Warner Bros. announced the new DC Super Hero Girls and LEGO would be producing some sets in conjunction with it? Well there looks to be some concrete information about the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets with some set numbers and possible set names courtesy of CM4sci on Eurobricks.

He mentions that each set would come with a small crystal-like villain build. The box packaging is “blue and sparkly” and is better that expected. There are six sets that will be available in February. Without me seeing what the sets are like, I’ll just quote what was mentioned in CM4Sci’s post from what he’s seen.

Batgirl’s Batjet (41230) – A small and round Batwing, it actually looks really neat. It uses the round UFO corners as the wings in a dark blue. In front is a pretty well hidden net launcher. Batgirl is in no way final but she’s sitting in the jet. There’s a small buggy for the yellow bad guy, who seems to be holding a phone?

Harley Quinn’s Cafe Rescue (41231) – Small, two floor cafe build labled ‘Capes & Cowls’ Harley Quinn is on a flying net shooter with wings? The piece usually used for net launchers is the middle. Steve (is that his name?) Is captured in a vine on the top floor. There’s a green crystal baddie included.

The High School (41232) – It looks so cool – Giant central tower that with stickers gives off the perspective that it’s growing to a sharp point. Each side has a small part of the school with a flex tube used to create a cool design for the window. On top there’s a giant pink diamond. Now, what’s cool about this is that the entire center tower can be opened up to let loose Poison Ivy’s bike that shoots flowers! It creates a giant ramp. I don’t know who the bad guy is but they’re in a small, black/purple flying jet with a giant claw in front, flying towards the pink diamond. There are things like disc shooters to fight off the bad guys. The set comes with Supergirl, Poison Ivy, what looks like a creature Poison Ivy has created, Bad Guy, and 2 crystal baddies.

Lashina’s Action Rider (41233) – A small wheeled vehicle she sits on that is shoots studs at Krypto’s doghouse. Krypto uses a generic Friends dog but I’m sure there’ll be a new piece for him. Comes with Lashina, Krypto, and blue crystal bad creature.

Bumblebee’s Helicopter (41234) – Small spherical, dual rotor helicopter. The crystal guys are carrying a trunk full of yellow stuff. Comes with Bumblebee and two red crystal bad creatures.

Wonder Woman’s Dorm (41235) – Dorm has a closet, a bed with window, and a desk in patriotic colors. The transparent motorcycle sits atop a spinning platform. Wonder Woman comes with her lasso and is fighting an orange crystal creature.

Of course, none of this info is deemed confirmed until the official images are released but CM4Sci has a pretty good track record with his info.

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