LEGO Star Wars 20 Years

Earlier this month, I reported that we will be getting some 20th Anniversary sets for LEGO Star Wars in April and some of the sets that were rumored were the Slave I (75243) and Anakin’s Pod Racer (75258). PromoBricks has reported some other rumored sets in the wave and the list now consists of:

Slave I (75243) – 1007 pieces
Anakin’s Pod Racer (75258) – 279 pieces
Snowspeeder (75259) – 309 pieces
Clone Scout Walker (75261) – 250 pieces
Imperial Dropship (75262) – 125 pieces

They have also reported that each set will come with an exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure with a printed plate. Those characters include Leia Organa (75243), Luke Skywalker (75258), Lando Calrissian (75259), Darth Vader (75261) and Han Solo (75262). I’m not sure how those characters relate to the sets as they don’t even correspond to the sets.

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