Rumors of LEGO Nexo Knights Being Cancelled

LEGO Nexo Knights

Here’s a very interesting rumor coming out of Brickset regarding the future of the LEGO Nexo Knights theme. They are reporting that Blocks magazine has gotten information that the theme is “being cancelled and the summer sets may not even be released.” There was no source given and I haven’t heard anything about the theme being cancelled from the usual sources so I am somewhat skeptical about it.

We did see the summer 2017 sets at the New York Toy Fair so we know there are sets coming but that also doesn’t mean much. This could also mean the wave will have a short shelf life and be fazed out, similar to LEGO BIONICLE and LEGO Mixels in their last waves. These sets were only sold at LEGO Brand Stores, [email protected], and some specialty stores.

The LEGO Nexo Knights theme was the latest “Big Bang” theme and usually has a three year run with the exception of LEGO Ninjago which surpassed everyone’s expectations and is going on their seventh year. If the theme is actually cancelling after two years, it’s speculation that it not performing as well as LEGO expected.

For me personally, I think the theme is pretty cool and I really dig the color schemes which reminded me of the Ice Planet 2002 theme. There were also lots of new parts introduced, the shield piece for example, which fans liked and gave tons of inspiration for MOCs.

Again, these are only rumors until there’s definite proof the theme is being cancelled so don’t panic just yet. We should start hearing rumors about winter sets in a few months so we’ll see if LEGO Nexo Knights will have another wave being released next year.

What do you guys think? Do you or your kids enjoy the theme?

Update: LEGO Designer Mark Stafford has confirmed that this rumor is false.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    It’s pretty interesting, but I never got into it. I don’t really want a normal castle theme back though, to be honest, since there’s been a lot of those. I’d be excited if they released a middle east or Indian version of a historical theme.

    • Norse Highlander

      Or China or Japan.

      • Reaven Veaceslav

        I doubt they’ll do Japan or China anytime soon due to Ninjago’s continued success.

        • Norse Highlander

          Touche. What do you think of my other ideas in my other comment?

  • I always feel sad about themes getting cancelled, but I see the less interest in this theme. I wouldn’t say they are ugly but it’s really not a good looking designs. Me and my kids doesn’t have any interest in this and the Chima theme. But this is just us.

  • gwai-lo

    Everywhere I go these set are just warming shelves until they hit the clearance. I picked up a few sets at 70% off but nothing I would buy full price. Get rid of the series and try something new IMO.

  • Sébastien Dubois

    “I’d be excited if they released a middle east or Indian version of a historical theme.” +1
    Or a regular castle theme with civilian sets 😉

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      Another medieval market set wouldn’t be bad, or sets like it.

  • Norse Highlander

    I prefer actual Medieval over Sci-Fi Medieval and if this is true then I guess the same goes for others too. I would like to see a return of the Vikings or maybe do something new like Middle East (Before or after Islam), India, pre-Roman Celts, Romans, Greeks, China, Japan, or Dark Ages Europe. All are good ideas if people are no longer interested in the High Middle Ages, high fantasy castle sets that usually come out.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      I’d be down for any of those really. I just want to see something that isn’t a typical medieval castle theme, considering we get that in every toy brand possible.

      • Norse Highlander

        Indeed, and I would personally find building a Greek, Roman, or Celtic civilization/army more entertaining than the cliche medieval that we usually get, though I don’t mind them either.

    • Gomek

      I once suggested to someone at Lego that they re-introduce a time traveler theme and do all these history type sets in one theme. I still think that’s a good idea. Unfortunately the execution of the last time traveler theme was so so bad I’m not sure we’ll ever see that again.

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    I could care less. They need to make a new castle theme.

  • Max LaChance

    This would be a bummer.

    • Max LaChance

      Most importantly, I really hope they at least release the summer wave. I desperately want that castle and the giant stone mech demon thing.

      But at least the secondary prices should start tanking soon”?

      • Reaven Veaceslav

        I doubt they’d decide to not release the summer wave. They’ve likely already got it in production to buildup stock.

        • Max LaChance

          It depends on when the wave was set to come out. If it was a June release, maybe. But If the rumour is true, one assumes they didn’t go into production and internally they knew for at least a month if not longer.

          It’s happened before.

  • floridabrick

    Chima or Nexo Knights. Soon people won’t be able to remember which was which. Ninjago story line pushes the cheesiness as far as you can safely go. Any further and you’re one of these losers.

  • kingphilbert

    I actually felt the theme was weak and disinteresting. Constantly clogging shelves near me. Even my nephew showed no interest in it. I found the colors garish, and the mix of medieval and futurism kind of blah. Would rather another classic Castle line or classic space based line.

  • Mike

    As much as I’d love to have a real castle theme again, I believe there is something good for LEGO about inventing a special theme like Chima, Ninjago or Nexo Knights: intellectual property.

    If LEGO releases generic castles, every chinese brick rip-off brand does as well, without many consequences. You just can’t put a copyright sticker on the design of a castle or knight. But castles with robot guards and knights with hud visors? Oh yeah, that’s an original, patented idea. The same goes for crazy humanoid animals or ninjas with robots and stuff. That said, I just hate these themes…

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      Not to burst your bubble, but on quick search Lepin copies these lines as well, even though they’re unique.

      • Mike

        True, but it’s far easier to sue Lepin for copying sets than for producing generic sets that accompany a theme like castle or city. On Amazon you can buy a big castle (not from Lepin, but from another brick producer) that looks similar to classic LEGO castles. I believe there is little that LEGO’s lawyers can do about it.

        For the same reason Games Workshop abandoned their “generic” fantasy tabletop game and moved to weirder miniatures. Everybody is allowed to produce dwarves or elves, but if you twist them into something special you can put a copyright sticker on the theme.

        • Gomek

          I seriously doubt Lego considers Lepin at all when planning their marketing strategies

  • Scarilian

    If this is accurate – Lego effectively introduced Bionicle again in 2015 and simply gave up on that theme because Nexo Knights was supposed to be the ‘big bang theme’

    Instead they put all the effort into Nexo Knights only for it to flop so they cancelled it prematurely – meanwhile Bionicle which could have been a ‘big bang theme’ again was given no focus and cancelled it prematurely also.

    Lego screwed over two potentially succesful themes simply because they handled them both badly.

    • HUN_Sector

      Nah, bionicle cant be sold, especially for teenagers and adult. Shops are overflowded with unsold bionicle sets, because no one is interested of them.
      It wasnt successfull and wasnt interesting too much. However, some say, that it’s not real lego either, instead they are action figures, not classical building sets. I have to admit, they are right…

  • questionnumber16

    I like the idea of a sci-fi castle theme, but I didn’t really like the color scheme. Way too over-the-top in my opinion.

    I have to admit I bought a couple of sets mainly for the minifigures.

  • Gomek

    I never liked the sci-fi/castle mash-up idea, nor did I care for the color schemes. Happy that the theme is going away and hope we can get a proper Medieval and Sci-Fi theme soon.

  • Sigit Miyanto

    I’m not surprised with this news, IMO this year set not as cool as last year. But i hope can buy the Aaron’s Rock Climber :-9

  • Tsr

    I liked the early idea/concept of it being a steampunk medieval theme.
    But it did not end that way. The first wave was cool, but it slowly started getting repetitive and boring.
    I like the idea of “other ancient/historic civilizations than European”.
    But feudal Japan or ancient China is not happening right now because of Ninjago. Middle-east was done (But not great og true) in the old Prince of Persia theme?
    Maybe an African theme? Wild animals, proud warriors, evil explorers and small and big scenaries of the African nature. Or could this be dangerous due to the history between Europe and Africa (exploitation of natural ressources and slavery)?

  • OhioBricker

    Looks like Brickset deleted their article about this rumor. I don’t know if it’s because they were pressured to do so by TLG or if they heard something that seems to contradict the rumor. My guess is because so many people belly-ached about them posting a rumor on their blog. Sheesh.

  • Graham__1

    Oh PLEASE let this be true… please, please, please!

    Would love some flavor of classic castle to come back

  • Graham__1

    The only NK sets I’ve purchased are the 4 pack Army Building sets (the bad guys, hate the good guys color/style). when they have been 50% off. They are nice minis, but it’s literally the only NK stuff I’ve at all liked.