LEGO Nexo Knights

Here’s a very interesting rumor coming out of Brickset regarding the future of the LEGO Nexo Knights theme. They are reporting that Blocks magazine has gotten information that the theme is “being cancelled and the summer sets may not even be released.” There was no source given and I haven’t heard anything about the theme being cancelled from the usual sources so I am somewhat skeptical about it.

We did see the summer 2017 sets at the New York Toy Fair so we know there are sets coming but that also doesn’t mean much. This could also mean the wave will have a short shelf life and be fazed out, similar to LEGO BIONICLE and LEGO Mixels in their last waves. These sets were only sold at LEGO Brand Stores, Shop@Home, and some specialty stores.

The LEGO Nexo Knights theme was the latest “Big Bang” theme and usually has a three year run with the exception of LEGO Ninjago which surpassed everyone’s expectations and is going on their seventh year. If the theme is actually cancelling after two years, it’s speculation that it not performing as well as LEGO expected.

For me personally, I think the theme is pretty cool and I really dig the color schemes which reminded me of the Ice Planet 2002 theme. There were also lots of new parts introduced, the shield piece for example, which fans liked and gave tons of inspiration for MOCs.

Again, these are only rumors until there’s definite proof the theme is being cancelled so don’t panic just yet. We should start hearing rumors about winter sets in a few months so we’ll see if LEGO Nexo Knights will have another wave being released next year.

What do you guys think? Do you or your kids enjoy the theme?

Update: LEGO Designer Mark Stafford has confirmed that this rumor is false.

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