San Diego Comic Con 2014 LEGO Recap

SDCC 2014 LEGO Booth

San Diego Comic Con 2014 came and went just like that. Four days filled with lots of things to see and do. Although I did lots of other things that wasn’t related to LEGO, I’m going to stick with the LEGO stuff in this post since this is what I’m here for.

One of the coolest things that I experienced there was not at the LEGO booth itself, but meeting people in the LEGO community. I got to finally meet Will from Hoth Bricks and Lim from neoape. It was cool to finally put a face to some of the fellow LEGO bloggers out there. I also got to reconnect with Joe Meno from BrickJournal, Tommy Williamson from BrickNerd, as well as some friends from SandLUG like Tommy and Charlie. I even ran into TT Games’ Game Director Arthur Parsons on the streets and chatted with him a little bit while waiting to cross the street.

SDCC 2014 Arthur Parsons

Now on to the LEGO booth itself. It was very colorful and what we expect a LEGO booth to look like. Although the space for the booth was one of the larger ones at the convention, it didn’t feel like it. There wasn’t that much room to maneuver and if you thought you did, that was quickly over. One of the few disappointments with the booth was the retail store they had around back. Every time I went by that area, there would be a line outside waiting to go in with a few people inside slowly browsing. There wasn’t even that many things that were sold there and that’s why I recommended that you visit the LEGO Store in Fashion Valley instead.

SDCC 2014 LEGO Booth

Another disappointment that I along with many others experienced was how the LEGO booth handled the sale of the exclusive sets. There were some things that I saw and heard first-hand that made it difficult for us to purchase the sets. One of these things that I saw was the line for the exclusive was already full before the exhibit doors were even opened. This mean that people who were waiting to get in pretty much had no chance to buy them. Who was in line, you may ask? I won’t say but you can look on various LEGO forums to find out. Another thing that happened at the booth was the sudden switching of lines to the other side of the booth which caused some chaos. Something should be done to prevent this from happening in the future. I’ve recently sent in my opinions on the survey and hope LEGO takes it into account.

SDCC 2014 LEGO Exclusive Set Line

SDCC 2014 LEGO Exclusive Set Line

SDCC 2014 LEGO Exclusive Set Line

One minor frustration was the quality of the display case they used for their daily product reveals. It wasn’t as clear as it could be as you’ve seen in my previous posts on the product reveals. You can see a cloudy haze around the box and on one side, it was impossible to take pictures of the product until it was moved to the other cases. Of course there were the sets themselves that were revealed there or shall I say, shown there. All of the sets that were on display minus the LEGO Mixels were already posted online so there wasn’t much fanfare at the convention itself.

On Friday July 25th, Adam West was to make an appearance at the LEGO booth and he did, for a few minutes. Of course, he is a busy man with all of the appearances he had to make with the 75th anniversary of Batman and whatnot but whoever did the scheduling dropped the ball a little and didn’t allow fans to interact with him just a little more.

Although there were a few disappointments, there were actually also some cool stuff there. The different statues that were made for the convention were pretty impressive and the pictures shown online didn’t do them justice. If you wanted to see Smaug, you had to make your way to the Warner Bros. booth and even then, it was underneath the stairs and it couldn’t really be appreciated as much as it could be. One other thing that was very nice to look at was the LEGO Star Wars 15th Anniversary Minifigure Case. The downside of it was it was in a very bad spot. It was located right behind the information area of the booth and there was very little space for you to take pictures on one of the sides.

SDCC 2014 LEGO Smaug

SDCC 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigures

SDCC 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigures

SDCC 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigures SDCC 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigures

Another thing that went pretty smooth was the raffle for the four exclusive minifigures: Bard the Bowman, The Collector, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, and Unikitty. After last year’s fiasco, LEGO decided to make some changes to prevent what happened last year. This year, there were two iPads set up for attendees to touch to see if they won or not. There were no misunderstandings on whether you won or not since it was a green yes or a red no. You didn’t even have to wait for your prize as they were handed out there at the same time. The only downside was if you didn’t get there about 1.5-2 hours early, you may have had to wait a while in line before it was your turn. Other than that, it was a pretty good experience there. I met a couple of friends that were in line so time kinda flew by pretty quickly and I also managed to acquire all four minifigures.

LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exclusive Minfigures

I also attended a number of panels although I did miss out on the LEGO Legends of Chima and Ninjago one because I was tied up with other things. The panels that I was able to attend were the A Look at Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary, the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Panel, and The LEGO Movie. You can read up on the recaps of those individual panels by going to the links provided above.

Finally, if you were able to go to the POP! The Art of the Geek exhibit at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts gallery, you could’ve seen a lot of Nathan Sawaya’s work including the Han Solo in Carbonite sculpture as well as Brandon Griffith’s Watchman piece.

SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya

SDCC 2014 LEGO Brandon Griffith

Overall, I had a decent LEGO experience while at San Diego Comic Con 2014. There were some things that I wished could be done better but there were also some things that were improved from last year like the minifigure giveaway. I was extremely happy that I was able to get all the minifigures although I found that you really had to hide them right after you get them or else people will be asking for them with unfair trades like someone offering me $100 for the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh or Unikitty for LEGO Star Wars Rebels The Ghost exclusive set. Even though I won’t be selling the minifigs, I do know how much they go for on the secondary market so please don’t insult my intelligence with such low-ball offers.

As for the three exclusive sets, I failed my mission in acquiring them. I thought it would be as easy as it was last year to purchase them but with the popularity of LEGO because of The LEGO Movie and the 75th Anniversary of Batman, many people were trying to make a quick buck off the sets. Obviously, this frustrated a lot of fans who actually wanted to collect them, including myself. Right now, they are going for extremely ridiculous prices on eBay and I probably won’t be getting them unless the prices drop dramatically. We’ll see next year if LEGO does anything different to please fans like what they did this year by bumping up the number of LEGO minifigures that were given out.

Check out all the pictures I took of a majority of LEGO-related things at SDCC 2014 below. Click through for a larger images. Also make sure to read up on everything that happened during SDCC 2014 here. If you visited the LEGO booth at Comic Con this year, what were your experience(s) there? Leave your comments below!

SDCC 2014 LEGO Chopper SDCC 2014 LEGO Spiderman SDCC 2014 LEGO Batcycle SDCC 2014 LEGO Batcycle SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket & Groot SDCC 2014 LEGO Shredder SDCC 2014 LEGO Lord Business SDCC 2014 Arthur Parsons SDCC 2014 Arthur Parsons SDCC 2014 LEGO Booth SDCC 2014 Arthur Parsons SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Nathan Sawaya SDCC 2014 LEGO Ghostbusters

  • SGTAngry

    Nice write up. I can think of a few things that can be done to improve selling the exclusives, but it requires some pre-planning and probably some additional resources to be allocated at the booth. I’ll have to post this idea over on reddit I think…The mini-figs should eventually wind up going a lot cheaper than last years – Bard and Unikitty are already hovering in the $100~$150 range. The Batman seems like it’ll be the most of the lot, and I want to try and secure The Collector before the movie hits this week (I’ve only seen one offered Buy it Now below $200). 🙂

  • SGTAngry

    ALSO! I really thought we were going to see that rumored UCS Slave I unveiled at the show!!

    • I thought so too but I think they’re saving that for BrickFair VA this week.

    • TheOrcKing

      There is the New York Comic-Con later on in October I believe which is another chance the set could be revealed as a last minute surprise of the year.

      • I’m hearing rumors that the Slave I will be released in September, similar to the Ewok Village from last year so BrickFair VA would be a perfect time to announce it and release for VIPs in mid-August.

        • TheOrcKing

          Sounds logical.

        • SGTAngry

          Oh no! Two mid August exclusives (Tumbler and potentially this)!

          Speaking of VIPS – any news on the white classic space guy making it over to the US? Still haven’t heard anything about it and I’d really like to get one.

  • Dave

    Wow, look at how many fat people there are in USA. I always thought the stories were exaggerated.

    • How is that comment related to LEGO? Please keep comments relevant to the topic at hand.

  • TheOrcKing

    It sounds as though this year went better than before in particular
    distributing the minifigures yet the system faltered when it came to the sets. I
    am sorry you could not get any of the exclusive sets but on the bright side, you did win all four minifigures which is pretty darn good in my opinion so congratulations once more on that.

    On a personal note, I was mainly curious as to the part list for the Batmobile exclusive so that I could figure how to build it. I already have something constructed virtually that resembles the image on the box as best I could but a specific inventory would really help perfect it.

  • neoape

    It was nice meeting you too. The booth store was totally ridiculous. Can’t believe people waited in line to buy the same stuff you could get at a regular store. I wish they stocked some of the harder to find polybags like previous years.

    Unikitty for the exclusive Star Wars Rebel set seems like an even trade. They’re both in the same price range on eBay though I would probably prefer Unikitty.

    • Lego fan

      Totally agree that the Star Wars exclusive was a fair trade, as I was able to trade for a unikitty w the set. Most kids would rather have a full blown set to build and play w than one minifigure. To each his own, but what you might find unfair, someone else might find fair.

      • SGTAngry

        It’ll be interesting to see where the prices settle down on the 3 pay exclusives and the 4 minifigs. There were almost twice as many of each minifig (1750 to 1000), so you’d think that the sets themselves would be popular. I just hope that I didn’t overpay for any of this stuff!

  • Josh Breese

    Because the fans and TLG seem to be equally frustrated at how things go at the con’s, I wrote this on Reddit:


  • Smarf

    That’s disappointing that you couldn’t get the sets. Someone on another forum said that they were NOT allowing exhibitors and vendors in early this year. I guess that wasn’t true.

  • Rebrick37112

    I did get to speak with a Supervisor at the Lego booth about the issues of the line being capped off before 9:00 each day for the 3 exclusive sets. They are aware of the problems with exhibitors switching badges to Attendee badges and they are looking into setting up a table next year in the Sails Pavilion where you can pick up a ticket for the exclusive item you want and it will have a time stamp on the ticket for pick up. This is similar to what Hasbro and Bandai does with their hot exclusives. This will also eliminate the issues at the booth and the need to run to the lego area. Also, exhibitors are not allow into the Sails Pavilion line. This will be a first come, first serve system with 200-250 tickets given out before 9:00am

    • SGTAngry

      So, the ticket system is precisely what I was hoping they would do. It also has a benefit of allowing people to roam the SHOW instead of waiting in a line while everyone is processed. You can hand out 250 tickets in a very short period of time and then process them in smaller chunks throughout the day. I really think it’s the best way to go. 🙂

  • Kevin Cureton

    Once I let go of any idea of getting exclusives, I had a great time!

    I did reply to the survey that I would rather see there not be exclusives than to see the LEGO fans sniping at each other over places in line, crowds, etc. It was sad to see our love of LEGO exploited by those wishing to make a quick buck.

  • Brick fanatic

    Pretty bummed as another year went down of lego letdown, my eyes lot up like a kid on Christmas (im27…:() when I saw the reveal of rockets warbird , knowing I was attending I made this top priority! …and I didn’t even come close, I waited three hour before opening to run to lego line filled beyond filled piled even , all professional badges , made me soooo soo soo angry unikitty face the whole time not only did I wait about 4.5 hours in line for this exclusive I didn’t get , I asked the store rep if they were allowing only one set per badge and she told me the let first come first serve to one of every exclusive set making the first 250 people / ( professionals working there) get a hold of each of the three, most vendors selling toys had all three of these sets behind there booths with a 300 dollar price tag , made me even more angry unikitty !
    I do remember last year there being multiple time periods throughout the day u could choose to wait for one of these lego please give us something accessible as you are the only reason I go to this event , three years now I’ve waited in your lines for nothing it really is a huge wast of time – angry kitty

  • Brick fanatic

    I would so much love for lego being so much a part of the event to spread out there displays dispersed through the event and the exclusives being handed out price by peice (head/hair/helmet , torso/cape, legs/accessories) at three different spots you wait in a short (30-40) minute line where moc builders are working/ entertaining lego enthusiast attending maybe if your there at the right time youll shake a builder of a set u currently own , look at the revels up close and personal for a quick second and be on your way to the next station , displaying current Lego video games/ movies as u wait for your peice , and finally the final station where you walk through a lego store line picking up all those impulse buys(and those who waited out in the cold all night for Rockets warbird and other exclusive sets will be first priority, (one per badge ) finally to receive your complete mini figure with an exclusive SDCC clamshell case available to EVERY attendee (that wishes to participate) all extras being smelted in Emmett’s nightmare …. Maybe not that last part but LEGO powers that be HEAR THIS