The number of new LEGO fans are growing every day and there’s something extra that kids can get for free that some of you may not know about called the LEGO Life Magazine. It’s a physical magazine that gets mailed to you four times a year and it is filled with activities, posters, comics, and more for kids ages 5-9. If you missed any previous issues, you can also download previous issues that date back to 2018. Again, signup is free and you’ll just need your account to fill out the subscription information.

With winter and Christmas shopping season well underway, has the widest range of options available online for everyone to choose the perfect toys and gifts for family & friends.

We wanted to dedicate this weeks newsletter to a special part of the LEGO world that you may not know about called LEGO Life!

LEGO Life is a FREE (and yes, even shipping is free!) magazine subscription that is delivered straight to your home 4 times a year. It is made for children ages 5 to 9 and comes filled with fun activities/inspirations that include some of our most loved LEGO creations made by kids, comics, posters and more. Each magazine contains many products that we have at so children and parents can browse for gifts, check out what’s new or add a product your wish lists! The LEGO Life magazine inspires children to create and interact with the LEGO environment as they wish and is a wonderful activity to do together as a family as well.

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