The NFL Super Bowl XLIX will be happening this Sunday and will vie to be the most watched sporting events on television. Throughout the game, advertisers will be showcasing their $4.5 million commercials which last for about 30 seconds and they hope it will stay in the minds of millions of viewers. So what does this have to do with LEGO?

UK-based animation studio A+C Studios is planning on recreating all of the commercials that will be shown during the Super Bowl in LEGO form with 36 hours in the Brick Bowl. Once half time of the Super Bowl begins, the team will watch the ads at their 5,000 square foot studio and start creating the storyboards for the commercials. Soon after, they will start start building and animating the recreated ads. After their 36 hours are up, they will broadcast the animated movie. A+C Studios will be documenting their whole process so follow their social media sites to keep up with what they are doing.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the real commercials as they are pretty entertaining but to see them in LEGO is something else. As for the game itself, I hope the Seattle Seahawks win again this year.

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