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LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) Available Again on Shop@Home

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)icon

As we reported last month, LEGO was planning to produce more of the LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110). LEGO Shop@Homeicon now has them in stock in limited quantities. They are also planning to distribute more to LEGO Brand Stores within the next two weeks. Be sure to get them while you currently still can.

The Research Institute is available now online with limited quantities, so be sure to order as soon as possible. It is coming soon to LEGO® Brand retail locations and is expected to be available within two weeks.


More LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) Sets in the Works

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

It looks like LEGO is working on a plan to make more of the wildly popular LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) set. Over on Shop@Homeicon, they have updated the status to say:

LEGO® Ideas sets are fan created and limited production. We’re sorry it’s not available – it’s proven to be an overwhelmingly popular set. We’re looking into if we can make more. Check back soon!

From the looks of it, LEGO is trying to get more of the sets produced as the demand was definitely there and it was underestimated on how popular it actually was. Currently, the Research Institute is only available at various LEGO Stores with very limited quantities coming in from time to time. It is also on the secondary market but the price is at least three times the markup so I would suggest holding off purchasing it as there may be more coming out in the future.

Thanks to Dennis for the heads up.


LEGO Ideas Exo Suit and Research Institute Availability Part 2

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

A while ago, I emailed LEGO just to see if the Research Institute (21110) would be coming back to Shop@Home and I finally got a response from LEGO Customer Service. Unfortunately as you probably have known already, it is listed as “Sold Out” and will not be coming back at all on Shop@Home but will continue to be sold at LEGO Stores.

Thank you so much for getting in touch with us.

I’m so sorry but we aren’t making the Research Institute any more. This set was LEGO® Ideas set, and only made in limited quantities. The Research Institute has already sold out completly for our stock online. I know how disappointing this can be.

This set will continue to be sold in our LEGO Stores though, so if you have one close by I would recommend giving them a call. You can find all of our stores listed at

We appreciate your comments, so I’ll be passing your interest in the Research Institute on to the design team. You never know, some of the old treasures might make a comeback! This is exactly what happened with another LEGO Ideas set based on Minecraft. That set was so popular that we ended up bring it back, and making new additions to the line. I have my fingers crossed that it happens with this one as well!

At the same time, the LEGO Ideas blog has stated that more of both the Exo Suit (21109) and the Research Institute will be available again in the future … Continue

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) at Toys R Us?

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

If you weren’t able to get the LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) on Shop@Home, you may want to keep want to keep an eye out at Toys R Us. They currently have the set listed on their website but is currently unavailable for purchase at this time.

There have been reports that people have purchased the Exo Suit (21109) from TRU and have received their shipment. Whether the Research Institute will really be available at TRU remains to be seen but it’s still worth it to keep tabs if you want one. Thanks to Clutch for the heads up.


LEGO Ideas Exo Suit and Research Institute Availability

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

Not even a week after the newest LEGO Ideas sets were released, the inventory on the Exo Suit (21109) and the Research Institute (21110) have run dry. Not even a day after the release of the Exo-Suit, the amount that you could buy was changed from 2 to 1 and it went on backorder with it shipping in 30 days. The status of it has since been changed to “Temporary out of stock.”

If you followed my Facebook Page, you would’ve seen that the Exo Suit was flying off the shelves and the inventory they had were already gone by the end of the day. The rumor that the set would only have a single production run probably fueled the demand of the set even more on top of the already immense popularity of it. If you ordered it online, it’s a wait and see situation if you’ll be getting yours or not. I’ve had people comment saying that the set showed up at their house without a shipping confirmation email so there’s a chance that your order may have went through.

For the Research Institute, it is now listed as “Sold Out” on Shop@Home. If you wanted to pick up this set, it is probably too late now unless you can find them at your LEGO Store. I know mine (Fashion Valley, San Diego) will have some more coming in on Friday but I expect them to be sold very quickly. Unlike the Exo Suit, it was available for purchase a lot longer than … Continue

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109) and Research Institute (21110) Now Available

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109)

The time is now here and the new LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109) is now available on Shop@Home. It probably won’t sell out on the first day but LEGO Designer Mark Stafford has hinted that the set is currently a single production run so don’t wait on getting it if you plan to.

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

The LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110), which is somewhat overshadowed by the popularity of the Exo Suit is also now available on Shop@Home.

Remember that there are a few promos that LEGO will be having in August including the free LEGO Creator MINI Cooper Mini Model Polybag (40109) with purchases of $99 or more. If the LEGO Ideas sets last until August 25th, you can also get the free LEGO Legends of Chima Worriz’ Fire Bike Polybag (30265) with purchases of $50 or more. Check out all the other things that is going on for August on the LEGO Store Calendar.

Update: The Exo Suit is already out of stock on Shop@Home and it will ship in 30 days. It was also listed on Target’s website but it’s also sold out. Finally, Toys R US has it listed sold in stores for $24.99 but YMMV.


LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) Official Images

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

The official images of the LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) are now available in preparation of the set being sold in August. The set contains 165 pieces and will probably retail for $19.99. We’ve seen images of the set last month when Ellen Kooijman revealed it on her blog.

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

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