LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110)

Not even a week after the newest LEGO Ideas sets were released, the inventory on the Exo Suit (21109) and the Research Institute (21110) have run dry. Not even a day after the release of the Exo-Suit, the amount that you could buy was changed from 2 to 1 and it went on backorder with it shipping in 30 days. The status of it has since been changed to “Temporary out of stock.”

If you followed my Facebook Page, you would’ve seen that the Exo Suit was flying off the shelves and the inventory they had were already gone by the end of the day. The rumor that the set would only have a single production run probably fueled the demand of the set even more on top of the already immense popularity of it. If you ordered it online, it’s a wait and see situation if you’ll be getting yours or not. I’ve had people comment saying that the set showed up at their house without a shipping confirmation email so there’s a chance that your order may have went through.

For the Research Institute, it is now listed as “Sold Out” on Shop@Home. If you wanted to pick up this set, it is probably too late now unless you can find them at your LEGO Store. I know mine (Fashion Valley, San Diego) will have some more coming in on Friday but I expect them to be sold very quickly. Unlike the Exo Suit, it was available for purchase a lot longer than its counterpart when it had the available status for at least five days while the Exo Suit was available for only one day. For this set, it looks like it went the way of the Mars Curiosity Rover in which there was way more demand for it than the amount produced. The Research Institute will probably be available again for a very short time like the Rover and then it will be completely sold out. Now the only way to get it is on the secondary market like eBay or BrickLink but expect to pay more than double of what it was sold for originally.

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If you do have a LEGO Store near you and you wanted to get the two sets, I suggest calling the store to see if they will have any shipments coming in and having them reserve it for you which they usually can do providing that you hold up your end of the bargain and do actually purchase them.

Were you able to get your copies of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit and/or the Research Institute?

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