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LEGO Target 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) Sold Online Again

If you guys missed out on the LEGO 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) that was on sale online a few weeks ago, you’ll be glad to know that it is back online again with the same promotion it had before. You can purchase it outright for $9.99 each or you can get it free with purchases of $39.99 or more on City, Ninjago, or Super Heroes sets. The promo lasts until December 25 online. Target stores also have the same promo going on too in their latest ad but it lasts until the end of the week. The main attraction for the box is probably the Lightning Lad minifigure.

If you’re at stores and you’ve been patiently waiting for the 2016 sets, you’ll be glad to know that a few sets have started to show up including the Kryptonite Interception (76045) for $29.99/DPCI 204-00-1517 as well as the Iron Skull Sub Attack (76048) for $29.99/DPCI 204-00-1520. Also there are reports that the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (30278) polybag have shown at Target, mostly at the checkout aisles.

Thanks to Nia for the reminder.


LEGO 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) Now Available at Target Stores

For those who missed out on purchasing the LEGO Target 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) about a week ago, you’ll be glad to know that Target stores have now started to get shipments of them. They are still priced at $9.99 and it looks like there’s no limit. If you’re looking for it, use an inventory checker with the DPCI number 204-00-1716 to see if there are any near you. Thanks to Stephen for the heads up.


LEGO Target 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) Review

2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077)

About a week ago, Target released the new 2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) online for purchase individually for $9.99 or you could get it free with certain purchase restrictions but a majority of buyers went with the former route. After a day or two, they seemingly removed it from the website while physical locations don’t even know about it. From what I’m hearing, corporate is pretty upset with it being sold online early or something.

2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) 2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077)

2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) 2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077)

Anyways, people have started receiving their shipments of the box set including me. This is the second box set that Target has released in two years so it could be a trend going forward with them releasing one around this time every year but we’ll see. The packaging is similar with clear windows showing the four minifigures that are included. The design corresponds to the particular theme the minifigure is in which is the same as last year’s themes.


LEGO 2015 Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) Now Available at Target

2015 Target LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077)

The 2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Box Set (5004077) is now available for purchase online at Target. The minifigures that are included in the set are DC Comics Super Heroes Lightning Lad, Ninjago Kai, Legends of Chima Sir Fangar, and a City Scuba Diver. You can see the other two minifigures in my previous post from last year.

The set goes for $9.99 but you can get it for free when you purchase $50 of City, Ninjago, and Super Heroes sets. You can also get free shipping on all orders. It doesn’t look like there’s a limit on the Minifigure Box Sets (5004077) you can get. Also it says LEGO items are excluded, you can use the promo code TOYS at checkout to save $2 on it.

If you’re searching for it online, the item number is 49153007. The store DPCI number is 204-00-1716.

Thanks to Stephen for messaging this in.

Update: It looks like Target figured out their mistake and the TOYS promo code does not work at checkout anymore. Also, they are starting to ship the sets already as I have gotten a FedEx tracking number for my shipment.


New LEGO Minifigure Box Set (5004077) Found

LEGO Minifigure Set #2 (5004077)

Over on TaoBao, where many new 2015 minifigures have shown up recently, is a new LEGO Minifigure Set (5004077) which is similar to the one that was available at Target a few weeks ago. The second box again includes different minifigures from four different themes including LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Legends of Chima, and LEGO City.

From the images provided, we get a new character in the DC Comics line with Lightning Lad. He is the founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes which was inspired by Superboy who was in the last box.

For the Ninjago minifigure, we get Kai in a new outfit. This version of him is different from the ones that we will be getting in the 2015 sets.

On the Legends of Chima side, we get another version of Sir Fangar from the Sabre-Tooth Tiger Tribe.

Finally for the City minifigure, we get someone in a scuba outfit which looks like it’s someone from the Exploration subtheme that will be coming out next summer.

Overall, there’s no details yet on how to obtain this second LEGO Minifigure Set (5004077) but my guess is that it’ll probably show up at Target like last time. Although Lightning Lad isn’t a pretty major character in the DC Universe, he is someone new in the LEGO Universe which collectors will covet. We’ll let you know if/when the set becomes available.

LEGO Minifigure Set #2 (5004077)

LEGO Minifigure Set #2 (5004077)

LEGO Minifigure Set #2 (5004077)

LEGO Minifigure Set #2 (5004077)


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