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Anaheim Ducks Frederik Andersen Wearing a New LEGO Goalie Mask Next Season

Lego DuckMan - The Dark Duck

A few months ago, I featured Anaheim Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen and his LEGO goalie mask that he wore during last season in the NHL. For this upcoming season, he will be wearing another LEGO inspired mask to pay tribute to his homeland of Denmark. He has commissioned DaveArt artist David Gunnarsson to create a mask featuring LEGO Batman wearing the Ducks jersey. Even the Ducks logo is seen wearing Batman’s cowl. It looks like we can look forward to seeing Andersen wearing different LEGO masks every season.

**Via The Hockey News**


Anaheim Ducks Frederik Andersen LEGO Goalie Mask

I’m not sure how many of you readers are hockey fans but the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs is well underway and the Anaheim Ducks are getting more exposure as they are in the Western Conference Finals. Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen who is a native of Denmark, which is also the home of The LEGO Group, debuted his LEGO-designed mask at the beginning of the season but people can now see more of his mask since his team is shown more in prime time and not just mostly on the west coast. NBC even did a close up look on it during the game while they were talking about Andersen. The mask was designed by DaveArt and it shows off a minifigure in a Ducks jersey building a brick wall in front of the goal. It’s cool to see a player represent something from his home country which happened to be our favorite hobby in LEGO.

Thanks to Aaron for emailing in about it. Unfortunately, my LA Kings didn’t even make the playoffs as they just came up short so that’s a bummer. I won’t jump on any bandwagons and I’ll just wait for the Kings to come back next year.


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