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Awesome LEGO Jurassic Park Stop-Motion Video

Jurassic Park is by far my favorite movie of all time and I was ecstatic that there will be new LEGO sets based on the upcoming Jurassic World movie. Anything that includes a combination of LEGO and Jurassic Park, I’m totally in and this brings us to this stop-motion video that I was emailed about by Paul Hollingsworth. Let’s go back to where it all began with the first Jurassic Park movie with Digitalwizardz over on YouTube where they have created one of the best LEGO animations based on the first movie that I’ve seen. This video is sort of an abridged version of the movie which includes various, yet famous quotes from Jurassic Park mixed with some LEGO humor.

The crew of the film includes Paul and his daughter and their friends as well as animation by Forrest Whaley and Sean Willets. Check out the video as well as the behind the scenes video below.


Back to the Future Clock Tower Scene in LEGO

Remember the clock tower scene from Back to the Future where Doc Brown was sending Marty back to the future by using the lightning? The animation team at Macro LEGO Universe has recreated that particular scene at the Brick 2014 LEGO fan convention a few months ago and has released the video a few days ago. The team used the now retired LEGO CUUSOO The DeLorean Time Machine (21103) as well as part of the town of Hill Valley that they’ve built including the courthouse and the movie cinema to capture the scene. You can check out some of the behind the scenes shots over on their website.


Minifig Theater Episode 1 – The Dark Knight

Brian Anderson aka BrianKAnimation, known for his LEGO animation videos including LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game Parody and LEGO The Last of Us, has recently posted the first episode of Minifig Theater. Minifig Theater was teased a few months ago and is an animated web series which takes epic moments in popular culture and is reenacted using LEGO minifigures.

In Episode 1 – The Dark Knight, the video features the police interrogation scene of Batman and the Joker. There are comical scenes throughout much like what TT Games does with their video games. You may also find some unexpected scenes towards the end which I thought was pretty hilarious if you’ve watched the movies the video was based on. The video was created with Maya & After Effects. It was very nicely created and I’m looking forward to seeing more episode in the future. Enjoy!


LEGO Sherlock Animated Season 3 Teaser Trailer

One of our avid readers and Brickfilmer, Alexander of Legostudio01 Brickfilme., has reached out to me about one of his latest projects. Since I’m a big Sherlock fan, I was fairly intrigued by the email he sent. A few months ago, BBC released a teaser trailer for the long-awaited announcement of Sherlock Season 3 starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Since then, Alexander has been hard at work to recreate the teaser using LEGO bricks and stop-motion. I must say that the video was put together very well from the animations to the accuracy of the original trailer as seen in the upper-left corner. Now we wait for the Sherlock season premiere in January. #SherlockLives


The Dark Knight Rises Trailer in LEGO

ParanickFilmz along with Jedimastersoda and Adviceversas has made the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises created with LEGO bricks. This is one of the best animations I’ve seen using LEGO. Check out the video below and share it. Also stop by ParanickFilmz’s channel for more great animations.


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