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LEGO Ideas Birds (21301) Review

Back in November, LEGO announced the latest official LEGO Ideas set with the Birds (21301)icon along with The Big Bang Theory which will be released in the near future. The set was recently released at the beginning of the year and it contains 580 pieces while retailing for $44.99 which comes out to about $0.08/piece.

LEGO Ideas Birds (21301)


LEGO 2014 Employee Gift Revealed: LEGO HUB Birds (4002014)

LEGO HUB Birds (4002014)

If you don’t know, people who are lucky enough to work at LEGO are able to get some snazzy gifts that are not available to anyone else unless you find them on the secondary market. Brickset has uncovered the 2014 LEGO employee gift which has already shown up on German eBay, the LEGO HUB Birds (4002014). This 487 piece set features five different birds including a robin, crane, swan, eagle, and another bird that I can’t identify. This set would go great with the upcoming LEGO Ideas Birds (21301)icon set which will be available to everyone on January 1st. I’m also curious to what LEGO HUB is about. If you’re a LEGO employee, please comment below if you know what LEGO HUB is.

Update: The Hubs are the different LEGO offices throughout the world and the birds represent the national birds of each country: Robin (UK), Crane (China), Swan (Denmark), Eagle (USA), and Crimson Sunbird (Singapore).


LEGO Ideas Birds (21301) Official Images Revealed

LEGO Ideas Birds (21301)

LEGO has officially revealed the images of the new LEGO Ideas Birds (21301) set as well as an interview with the project creator, Tom Poulson. It consists of 580 pieces will be available on January 1, 2015 and [email protected]icon has it listed for $44.99.

The Hummingbird is of the Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus) variety, the Robin is of the European variety (Erithacus rubecula), and the Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is native to North America. What’s cool about this set is that the name plates for each of the birds have their Latin names as well as the unique stands they sit on. The Hummingbird has a clear one which makes it look like it’s hovering next to the flower. The Robin is on a wooden branch and the Blue Jay is on a metal perch.

Check out the details of the LEGO Ideas Birds (21301) set below.

Put down your binoculars and get closer to nature with these intricate LEGO® models of well-known birds! Created by keen gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and selected by LEGO Ideas members, each replica bird hails from a different continent: the Robin from Europe; the Blue Jay from North America; and the Hummingbird from South America. These beautiful and detailed models come with their own presentation stands showing their scientific names, so that you can display your birds for all to enjoy or detach and play as you wish. This set also includes 3 booklets containing lots more information about each of these fascinating species as well as the


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