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Bricks Culture Issue 4 Press Release

Bricks Culture Issue 4

The folks over at Bricks Culture has sent over the press release for issue 4 of the magazine. Check out below what the next issue of Brick Culture has to offer.

Bricks Culture Issue 4

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Collaborative builds and innovators galore

Issue 4 of Bricks Culture magazine continues to explore the world of LEGO and its role within modern pop culture. As more individuals adopt this medium as a form of expression we discover bonds are being formed, spawning the most amazing collaborative builds.

Bricks Culture Issue 4

This issues cover, showcases the amazing work of the Arvo brothers and how they have taken their Alien model to the next level, by producing it as a book. Prolific builder Simon Liu looks at community builds and shares his love for science fiction while David Alexander Smith conducts an collaborative experiment by asking three builders to create one model. This is without the knowledge of what the other is building – an amazing outcome I am sure you will agree.

Bricks Culture Issue 4

When it comes to pioneering builders this issue is not in short supply as we visit the home of OrionPax and delve through his tv inspired creations. Including giant transformers, terminators and realistic inspector gadget model. We catch up with former LEGO designer and space aficionado Bjarne Panduro Tveskov before visiting Alaska to discover the Bionicle creations of Breann Sledge.

Bricks Culture Issue 4

There’s more inspiration from the likes of Chris McVeigh and Cole Blaq while James Pegrum gives us another lesson from history.

Packed with innovators and creators from across the world,


Bricks Culture Magazine Issue #2 Review

Bricks Culture Issue #2

As I mentioned a few days ago, I received a couple of UK-based LEGO magazines and the other one that I got was the second issue of Bricks Culture. If you haven’t heard before, Bricks Culture is a higher end, quarterly magazine that takes a more in-depth look at the different “cultures” that have spawned from the adult LEGO community. The magazine is spearheaded by Mark Guest with various contributors who you may have heard of like Huw from Brickset and Tim Johnson from The New Elementary.

My first impression of taking the magazine out of the packaging is that it’s hefty. It’s made of a heavier stock paper than typical magazines so you get a premium feel when you hold it. Just flipping through, you get this snap from pages which I appreciate since I don’t have many magazines that are comparable to it.

Bricks Culture Issue #2

After reading through it, you get a different vibe as from other LEGO magazines. There’s no reviews or tips on how to build something. What you get are stories about different builders and what they’ve done so far to get to where they are at now in their LEGO careers. Some of the people featured in this issue of Bricks Culture include Fairy Bricks, Harley Quin (InkBlot Photo), and Paul Lee, just to name a few.

One of the articles that I enjoyed was the one about the early beginnings of LEGO Space: Building the Future and the challenges Peter Reid and Tim Goddard went through before … Continue

Introducing Bricks and Bricks Culture Magazines

LEGO Bricks Magazine

A focussed and significant team announces two brand new LEGO fan publications, Bricks and Bricks Culture

We invite you to share in our passion for all things LEGO, being launched on April 13th but available to you for pre-ordering now! Do not miss out!

What happens when you gather together some of the most respected names in the world of LEGO to work exclusively on new fan publications? Bricks and Bricks Culture, that’s what!

You probably already know of Huw Millington, Tim Johnson and Mark Guest; well they head up our quality editorial team that includes some of our community’s finest contributors.

We wanted to let you know about what is coming before we informed the world at large because our whole ethos for these magazines has been designed specifically with AFOLs in mind. So obviously you need to hear it first before we go public with this news. The LEGO Group are the only other people who know about this and we’re delighted to say that they fully support what we have put together and our plan for the future.

We have aimed everything we are doing to meet your high expectations with an unrivalled breadth of content that we are sure will inform, entertain and inspire you. Brought to you by a dedicated team of passionate adult fans of LEGO, we know that Bricks and Bricks Culture will deliver more content, with more quality, to more people who love LEGO, in more ways than ever before.

Our two publications will be delivered to … Continue

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