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LEGO Deadpool Sets Posted by Ryan Reynolds

Earlier today, Ryan Reynolds posted on Twitter some LEGO sets promoting the upcoming Deadpool movie showing off some “spoilers” for the movie. He’s pretty much poking fun at the Toy Fairs like London and Nuremberg that show off upcoming products and the spoilery nature of LEGO sets based on movies. If you’re not familiar with Deadpool, he’s pretty much a super hero that tends to break the fourth wall with usually has a humorous effect.

The sets that are shown off include Deadpool Space Squid Shark Balloon Battle (6969) which has 1991 pieces and the other one is called Deadpool Hot Dogs Moose and Owl (2016) which has 8675309 pieces or Jenny’s number. Obviously both of these sets are fake but note that they use legit LEGO pieces which makes it even more hilarious.


LEGO Deadpool Chimichanga Tuesday T-Shirt on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel Chimichanga Tuesday

Ript Apparel has a really cool t-shirt for sale today featuring a Deadpool LEGO minifigure in Chimichanga Tuesday. If you follow Deadpool at all, you would know that Deadpool’s favorite food is Chimichangas. The phrasing of the shirt is a play on words from The LEGO Movie’s Taco Tuesday. The shirt starts at $11 and will be available for only 24 hours. It comes only in red since that’s Deadpool’s main color of his costume.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Red Deadpool Brick Guide

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Deadpool

Hidden throughout the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game, there are Red Bricks or Deadpool Bricks that you can collect to unlock various Red Brick cheats from the menu. After you collect a Deadpool Brick, head to the Control Room in the SHIELD Helicarrier and go through a hallway on the upper left side of the room. In the next area, go to the first door on the right which is Deadpool’s room. There you can buy all the cheats for the bricks you have collected. After you have bought the cheats, just activate them in the pause menu under Extras. Once you have bought all the Red Bricks, Deadpool will be a playable character.

  • Red Brick 1: Studs x2
  • Red Brick 2: Studs x4
  • Red Brick 3: Studs x6
  • Red Brick 4: Studs x8
  • Red Brick 5: Studs x10
  • Red Brick 6: Disguises
  • Red Brick 7: Gold Brick Detector
  • Red Brick 8: Minikit Detector
  • Red Brick 9: Mini Characters
  • Red Brick 10: Collect Ghost Studs
  • Red Brick 11: Fast Build
  • Red Brick 12: Attract Studs
  • Red Brick 13: Character Token Detector
  • Red Brick 14: Festive Hats
  • Red Brick 15: Extra Hearts

Red Brick 1: Studs x2

Requirements: None. Already unlocked.

Where to find: This brick is already unlocked when you begin the game. Go to Deadpool’s room to buy.

Cost: 1,000,000 studs

Red Brick 2: Studs x4

Requirements: Finish Story Mode

Where to find: Go to the Daily Bugle. Use Telekinesis character to arrange the trophies in the office.

Cost: 2,000,000 studs

Red Brick 3:


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