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LEGO Subscription Box – BrickSwag December 2014 Review

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

I recently received the December 2014 Brick Builders Club but didn’t have time to review it due to my abnormal work schedule but it’s still December so let’s see what we got this month.

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

The first thing you see when you open up the box is the guaranteed exclusive t-shirt that you get every month. This month’s shirt is a winter based shirt with some minifigures in an ice cube tray with the caption “Chill Out.”

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

The next items are the Funky Fig cards designed by The Mad Stacker. Again, there are five collectible cards that feature various minifigure characters in Garbage Pail Kids style. The groups that these cards belong to are the Champion Chumps and the City Slickers.

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

Next are some stickers which again are winter-based and shows some different designed brick-built snowflakes.

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

The next item in the box is courtesy of The Brick Show with their battery-powereed Black Street Lamp with Yellow Light. This allows you to creates scenes that give a warmer light. Although it is not an official LEGO product, it is compatible with LEGO bricks. You can also order this item at The Brick Show Shop for $6.99.

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

Brick Builders Club December 2014 Box

As usual, we also get a Brick Builders Club Parts Pack with items from Brick Warriors. The items included in the pack are a pair of crutches which are still attached to the plastic that you break off, an English Longbow, a Quiver, a Plague Doctor Hat, a Lizardman Shield, and a Magic Wand. The total cost of the Parts Pack … Continue

LEGO December 2014 Store Calendar Promos & Events

December 2014 LEGO Store Calendar

The holiday season is pretty much started now and the December 2014 LEGO Store Calendar is now available. Although it is the last month of the year, the deals that will be available are decent but not over the top.

Continuing from Novemeber, you will be able to get a FREE Exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchases of $75 or more. This deal is valid until the end of the year. Like we mentioned before, there will be no Pick-A-Brick boxes this year and they have been replaced by the 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar. The calendar does include some coupons for future purchases next year.

January – FREE LEGO Store Employee Minifigure (5001622) with any purchase.
February – FREE Hoth Han Solo Minifigure (5001621) with any Star Wars purchase.
March – FREE Build-a-Minifigure set with any purchase.

The other “promotion” is the 2 of 2 LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive Ice Skating (40107) set which is only available the first day of December because it is a leftover promotion from Black/”Brick” Friday 2014 weekend. That promotion runs only from November 28 – December 1.

Although, it doesn’t show on this particular version of the December 2014 LEGO Store Calendar, there will be a Monthly Mini Build Event on Tuesday, December 2. It starts at 5pm but get there early because the line usually gets pretty long.

Update: The December 2014 Monthly Mini Build will be a small gingerbread house. Photo courtesy of murphquake.

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Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much going on … Continue

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