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LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack (7956) Review

In Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, we see a group of furry individuals who help out the Rebel forces called Ewoks. In August 2011, LEGO released set 7956 called Ewok Attack. Here the set recreates a scene from the Battle of Endor where the Ewoks ambush the Imperial forces. Ewok Attack consists of 166 pieces and goes for $24.99 which puts it at $0.15 per piece.

Ewok Attack Ewok Attack


Christmas Haul

Christmas 2011 came and went and boy did I end up with a lot of LEGO sets. I didn’t expect to end up with so much but there were a lot of sales going on and I had to snatch them up. My girlfriend also gave me a couple of sets as well including some great minifigs. As you can see, I did splurge this year. My greatest haul this year was probably the Imperial Shuttle that I got on sale from Amazon. Let me show off the sets individually, the front and the back of the boxes.

Christmas LEGO Haul


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