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LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Review

The LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) was released a short while ago and it was one of the more highly anticipated sets in recent months. It didn’t take long for it to get to backorder status and eventually temporarily out of stock as of this post. The set has 3,231 and retails for $249.99.


LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Now Available for VIPs

The LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) is now available for purchase on LEGO Shop@Home for VIPs. The set retails for $249.99 and it has 3,231 pieces. One of the main features of the Haunted House is the free-fall tower ride in the back. Remember that if you want to motorize the ride, you’ll need the Powered Up Hub (88009) and two Medium Motor (88008).

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How to Motorize LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273)

Yesterday’s announcement for the LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) had an overwhelming positive response from the community and one of the main features is the Tower of Terror style free-fall ride that is in the back. Of course you can manually crank the lift up but you can also motorize it with the use of the Powered Up app.

On the back of the box, it shows that you’ll need the Powered Up Hub (88009) along with two Medium Motor (88008), and the free app. I assume all of these is to control how fast the lift goes up or down but there’s no information about that in the press release. Note that those parts are not included with the set so you’ll have to purchase them separately to get the full experience. I’m sure some of you will try to integrate the older Power Functions in it as a replacement if it is possible.


LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Designer Video

Today was the big announcement for the LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) and in addition, LEGO has also released the designer video for the set. Designers Carl Merriam, Mike Psiaki, Niek van Slagmaat and graphic designer Austin Carlson talk about some of the details in the set. One thing that was interesting to me was that LEGO used a lot of old builds from previous sets and rebuilt them in this one. It’s also cool to see the elevator feature which can also be controlled with the Powered Up app.


LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced their first set in the newly labeled LEGO Fairground Collection with the Haunted House (10273). The summer fairground sets are no longer listed as a LEGO Creator set but it will be under this new line. It has 3,231 pieces and will retail for $249.99 and will be released next week on May 20. The box features the new black design that some of the more recent sets have been like which is explained more below. Check out press release and more images below.


BrickPicker Announces LEGO Set Review Contest

Our friends over at BrickPicker has announced a LEGO set review contest over on their site with a chance to win some great prizes. All you have to do is write some quality reviews of LEGO sets. The contests starts today and ends on July 3rd, 2013 at 11:59pm (Eastern Time). There are some guidelines that are required for you to be entered in the contest. The reviews have to be a total of 1000 characters combined in the following categories:

  • First Impression(WOW Factor) & Introduction
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures
  • Playability/Build Experience
  • Value for money(new)
  • Theme Popularity
  • Exclusivity
  • Packaging
  • Growth Potential
  • Display Attributes
  • Final Analysis & Conclusion

The Brickpoints system has also been overhauled for this contest. A normal 1000 character review will get you 10 Brickpoints but you can earn 500 points for more in-depth, detailed reviews. All reviews will be approved or disapproved by Ed or Jeff and you will be able to revise and resubmit them if they are disapproved.

Now to the goodies! There are some really nice prizes for the winners of the contest.

1st Place: Monster Fighters Haunted House (10228) or $200 LEGO Gift Card
2nd Place: Creator Expert Palace Cinema (10232) or $150 LEGO Gift Card
Star Wars Jabba’s Palace (9516) or $100 LEGO Gift Card

There are also four (4) $25 LEGO Gift Cards given to exceptional reviews which are then converted for the Evaluation Corner. For these special reviews, a single person can win them all so there’s more incentive to write quality reviews. To read more about the … Continue

LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House (10228) Now Available on Shop@Home

The new LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House (10228)icon is now available on LEGO Shop@Home. The retail price on it is $179.99 and contains 2064 pieces. LEGO has a special going on now that if you spend $75 or more, you get a free Zombie Car (40076) polybag on top of free shipping. The Zombie Car deal goes until September 30 or while supply lasts and the free shipping ends on September 21.

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