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Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2 Kickstarter by CrazyBricks

Back in 2015, the guys over at CrazyBricks did a Kickstarter to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the comic series Mouse Guard. That project was highly successful but CrazyBricks is back with their second installment. Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2 was launched yesterday and within six hours, it had already met its goal of $7,500. All of the characters and accessories are high quality injection molded parts. If you’re a fan of Mouse Guard, feel free to check out the Kickerstarter. As of this writing, there are 28 days left to go on it.


Munchkin Bricks 2 Kickstarter by CrazyBricks

Way back in 2014, CrazyBricks launched a KickStarter for the highly successful Munchkin Bricks project and they are now back with Munchkin Bricks 2. If you’re not familiar with Munchkin, it is a card game which is pretty popular among enthusiasts and CrazyBricks has made some accessory pieces from the game. Some of these accessories include:

1. Helm of Super Speed – from Super MUNCHKIN
2. Spyke’s Hammer – from Classic MUNCHKIN
3. Hammer Handle – a stout and noble handle suited for such a powerful Mallet
4. Foam Rubber Hand – from Super MUNCHKIN
5. Gear Beer – from MUNCHKIN Steampunk
6. Shakespeare’s Pike – from MUNCHKIN Shakespeare
7. Dragon Flagon – from MUNCHKIN Dragons
8. Hello Chibithulhu – from MUNCHKIN Cthulhu – So CUTE!
9. E.L.T.H. / Excessively Large Top Hat – from The Good the Bad and the MUNCHKIN

There are also a number of stretch goals to unlock as the project reaches a certain threshold of supporters. As of this writing, it is about 80% funded with 14 days to go on the KickStarter.

JULY 2019
Project is LIVE

CrazyBricks is excited to announce the launch of Munchkin Bricks 2, our latest Kickstarter project!

We’re offering even more Munchkin-inspired custom accessories for your favorite miniature figures, like the Excessively Large Top Hat, Chibithulhu, Spyke’s Hammer, delectable flagons and tankards, and Shakespeare’s Pike, as well as an exclusive Munchkin card and a bookmark included with every pledge!

We are proud to be partnering again with Steve


i-Brix Wireless LEGO Lighting System Back on Kickstarter

Back in 2015, Dustin from i-Brix launched a Kickstarter campaign which was supposed to be the industry’s first wireless lighting system to be used with LEGO. Unfortunately, the campaign failed as it did not meet its goal.

After two years with additional research and development, i-Brix is now back on Kickstarter with a lower goal threshold. If you haven’t heard of i-Brix before, it uses a 1×1 i-Brix that connects to regular LEGO bricks and power is conducted through the included Power Plate.


PFx Brick LEGO Kickstarter Project

There’s a new LEGO Kickstarter project that has been launched by Michael Gale and Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) that may interest you. This project is called PFx Brick which is used to add advanced lighting, sound, and motor control to your LEGO models. There’s lot of information about PFx Brick to list so head on over to the Kickstarter page above to check out the details.


i-Brix Wireless LEGO Lighting System Kickstarter Project

I’ve recently gotten a few emails concerning a new LEGO lights Kickstarter project called i-Brix which the creator states to be an industry-first lighting system to be used with LEGO. These lights have no wires but uses a Power Plate that go underneath the building surface and power is transmitted wirelessly. It seems like a neat concept as you don’t have to build around the wires so if you’re interested, head over to the link above for more details about i-Brix. You can also check out a video of the project below.


Beyond the Brick Brickworld Chicago 2015 Kickstarter Project

Beyond the Brick is planning on going to Brickworld Chicago for their annual coverage and the team has a Kickstarter project going to help them raise funds their DVD with exclusive coverage. What’s neat about their KickStarters is that they have teamed up with some well-known builders in the LEGO community for rewards at certain level of pledges including:

  • Custom minifigure by Shilo Parker from ChocoBricks Customs
  • Batman character sketch by Chris McVeigh
  • Castle and Space LEGO pop-up book by Grant Davis
  • Custom build by Tyler Clites aka Legohaulic
  • There are also various stretch goals if the project reaches a certain level which you can read more about in the link above.


Bricks in Motion LEGO Filmmaking Documentary Kickstarter Project

Bricks in Motion is an online community dedicated to doing LEGO stop-motion aka brickfilms. Philip Heinrich has started a Kickstarter project to do a documentary about the world of LEGO filmmaking and the people behind the cameras.

The team behind the project will travel to several cities in the US and Canada to do interviews with some popular LEGO filmmakers including Kevin Ulrich (Brotherhood Workshop) and Forrest Whaley (forrestfire101) just to name a few. Our good friend Tommy Williamson (BrickNerd) will also be interviewed for the documentary.

There are also a ton of rewards you can get for pledging a certain amount towards the goal. Check out everything they have to offer as well as more details of the documentary on the Kickstarter page.

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