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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Summer 2020 Sets Announced

A few weeks ago, we got our first look at the summer 2020 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets and today Yahoo has shown off the official images of them. The sets will be available in June.

Wrath of Loki (76152) – 223 pieces/$59.99

Helicarrier (76153) – 1,224 pieces/$119.99

Iron Man Hulkbuster Versus A.I.M. Agent – 456 pieces/$39.99

Avengers Tower Battle – $89.99

Iron Man Helmet – 480 pieces/$59.99


Two New LEGO Avengers & Harry Potter Accessory Sets Coming Soon

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs

Brickset has revealed some new LEGO Minifigure Accessory Sets that will be available starting on June 1 including Avengers and Harry Potter. Since they are licensed sets, I’m guessing they will retail for $14.99 each. The Avengers Minifigure Set (40418) has 60 pieces and it includes minifigures of Falcon, Black Widow, and two A.I.M. agent along with a six round stud shooter.

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs

The other one is the LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Accessory Set (40419) and it will have 53 pieces. It includes minifigs of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hannah Abbot, and Cho Chang, each representing a character from each house of Hogwarts.

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Summer 2020 Wrath of Loki (76152) Revealed

There are new images of the summer 2020 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Wrath of Loki (76152) set which comes from Rakuten. The 4+ set features a small Avengers Tower, Quinjet, and Loki’s ship and it comes with minifigures of Loki, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Iron Man. It also has a bigfig of the Hulk. Obviously in a 4+ set, you don’t get as much in terms of building, but you do get a good amount of characters.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Summer 2020 Helicarrier (76153) First Look

There is a first look at the summer 2020 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Helicarrier (76153). It is a smaller version of the ship and it includes a lot of characters including Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Iron Man, SHIELD Agent, War Machine, Captain Marvel, and a brick-built M.O.D.O.K. There’s no box image of it yet, only a 360 degree product video.

**Via Rakuten**


LEGO Marvel Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler (76114) Amazon Sale – March 2020

The LEGO Marvel Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler (76114) is currently on sale for 30% off the retail price on Amazon. It is now priced at $27.99 which is $12 off and the lowest it has been in a few months. It includes minifigures of Spider-Man, Vulture, Sandman, and excluive Spider-Man 2099.


Final Black Widow Trailer Released

The final trailer for Black Widow was released yesterday and it shows a bit more of the story, more specifically, the family dynamics of Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova. It also shows a little bit of the helicopter which is featured in the Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase (76162) that is now available for purchase. It includes minifigures of Black Widow, Yelena Belova, and Taskmaster but too bad there’s no minifigure of Red Guardian at this time. Black Widow will be in theaters on May 1.


New LEGO Sets Available for March 2020

It’s March and that means there are a ton of new LEGO sets that are now available on LEGO [email protected] including the new LEGO DOTS theme as well as regular set releases from various themes. Also remember that from now until March 15, you can get the LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary Set (40370) for free with purchases of $99 or more, while supplies last.


LEGO Creator Fiat 500 (10271) – $89.99

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase (76162) – $29.99

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Venom Crawler (76163) – $29.99

LEGO Ninjago Golden Zane Accessory Pack (40374) – $12.99

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