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LEGO Bringing Back Retired Modular Buildings With New Revival Theme

With the popularity of LEGO Modular sets with the LEGO Creator Detective’s Office (10246)icon becoming the latest set released this year, LEGO has announced that they are bringing back some of the more popular Modular sets including Cafe Corner (10182) and the Green Grocer (10185) with a new theme/subtheme called Revival. This weekend at LEGO Stores and Shop@Home, they’ll be selling the sets for a limited time for VIP members. The only catch is there’s no word on what the pricing for the two sets will be. Hopefully, they’ll be the same as before but considering inflation since they sets were first released, I bet they’ll be slightly higher than before.

It was also stated that LEGO is planning to release more Modular sets in the future. There’s no mentioning of which sets will be coming but for now, at least we don’t have to resort to BrickLinking parts to recreate them. Check out the full press release below as well as an image of the sets.


LEGO Reintroducing Retired Modular Building Sets With New Theme Called Modular Revival

BILLUND, DENMARK (April 1, 2015) – For many LEGO fans, the 10185 Café Corner and 10182 Green Grocer were some of our most popular sets in the LEGO Modular Building series. For the newer LEGO fans who may have missed out on them, we’re now bringing these sets back, for a limited time, the same way that they were released in 2007 and 2008, respectively. This reintroduction of the sets will also bring a


New 2014 LEGO Modular Building Revealed is a Parisian Restaurant

GRogall over on Eurobricks has revealed the next LEGO Modular building will be a Parisian Restaurant. If you follow GRogall, you’ll know that his information is pretty spot on. Unfortunately, there are no images or any other information about it except that it will be released in 2014. GRogall mentions that he might be getting the set number as well as the pricing for it soon so stay tuned.


LEGO Town Hall (10224) Revealed

The LEGO Group has released details of the LEGO Town Hall Modular Building. It will have 2766 pieces and have a retail price of $199.99. More details after the break.


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