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Exclusive LEGO Lester Minifigure Limited to 275

Earlier today on the other side of the pond, the new LEGO flagship store at Leicester Square opened up and members of the LEGO community were there to attend the pre-opening event. You can read up about the store over on Brickset but I want to focus on the Lester minifigure that was available for the AFOL attendees as well as for shoppers.

As you can see from the image above, there are only 275 LEGO Lester minifigures available which makes it one of the most rare minifigures ever produced. This puts Lester around the same level as the early exclusive San Diego Comic Con LEGO minifigures. Huw reported that the extremely limited number of Lester minifigures produced was because there wasn’t more bowler hat pieces due to it being out of production and whatever was left were used for it.

You still have a chance to win Lester when you make a purchase of £55 or more at the Leicester Square store until November 20 or while supplies last.


LEGO Leicester Square Lester Official Minifigure Revealed

LEGO Lester

Back in September, it was revealed that UK’s new flagship LEGO Brand Store in Leicaster Square with have a mascot named Lester. There is now an image that has been released of Lester in actual minifigure form coming from LEGO’s social media sites.

Anyways, Lester looks pretty much exactly like what we saw in the reveal image with him having a suit with the Union Jack design and a bowler hat. The image also shows with with an umbrella and a camera but I’m not sure if they come with it, if it is released. There’s still no word on how you can obtain the minifigure but I’m sure LEGO will be announcing something as we get to the store opening date of November 17.

**Via Bricks Fans**


Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store Opening in November

LEGO Leicester Square Mascot Lester

It was announced today on that the UK’s new flagship LEGO Brand Store in Leicester Square will open on November 17. The store will be the largest LEGO Brand Store in the world covering more than 914 square meters over two floors. You’ll have the usual things from other LEGO stores such as building areas and a Pick-a-Brick Wall. One of the sights to see there will be a large version of the Big Ben made from more than 200,000 LEGO bricks and will have an illuminated working clock face.

The thing that fans have been wondering is if there will be any exclusives for the Leicester opening. You won’t have to worry as there will be an exclusive minifigure which will be the store mascot, Lester the tea-drinking minifigure. There’s no word on how to get it but there’s a report saying that it might be available for purchase but it could just mean that it’ll be available with purchases of a certain amount.

Of course, none of this affects individuals who aren’t near the UK but if you’re heading there in November, you may want to swing by the opening. Now to get my hands on that LEGO Lester minifigure somehow…


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