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LEGO Sentinel MOC by Henry Pinto

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold

If you love X-Men, then you should check out what Henry Pinto has created the past few months. Many hours were put in to create this minifigure-scale LEGO Sentinel and is the most impressive one I’ve seen. I’ve been following Henry’s progress of creating the mutant-hunting robot on social media and I’ve looked forward to seeing the finished product. If only LEGO would release something like this as an official product but we can only dream. Check out the progress of the Sentinel in the link above.

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold


Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 LEGO MOCs

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 is still one day away here in the US but it has already taken place over on the other side of the world and here are some more LEGO MOCs celebrating the holiday. The above creation is by Titans Creations and the rest below are labeled. Happy new year to everyone that is celebrating! I know I’ll be eating a lot tomorrow.

Chee Keong

Cheng Heng Chin





LEGO Monkey King by Cid Hsiao


I don’t feature LEGO MOCs that often here but since Lunar/Chinese New Year is coming up in a few weeks which I’m pretty excited about, I think it’ll be nice to feature some based around the holiday since 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Here we have Cid Hsiao’s version of Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King.

The amount of detail that went into the build is pretty spectacular especially in the head which sometimes is the hard to create. The build is based on the character in the famous novel, Journey to the West, and in recent times seen in video games such as League of Legends and Smite.




LEGO Speed Champions Mech MOC

A couple of days ago, I came across this cool MOC by Geng Lei loosely translated as Flying Tigers. This MOC consists of a couple of the new LEGO Speed Championsicon sets as well as from the LEGO City Monster Truck Transporter (60027).

The MOC gives off a Voltron Vehicle Force look to it combined with a Transformers feel. The skeleton of the mech is created from some LEGO Hero Factory parts while the exoskeleton is created with the various vehicles including the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and two Porsche 911s.

As a fan of both Voltron/Transformers and the LEGO Speed Champions theme, this MOC to me is very well done and it gives off that coolness factor.

Update: Chris has informed me that the MOC looks more like Menasor which is pretty true.


LEGO Technic Audi R8 by Sariel

LEGO vehicle builder extraordinaire Sariel has unveiled his latest creation and it is one of my favorite cars, the Audi R8. The car is only a few years old but was mostly recognized in the first Iron Man movie and is easily a very distinguishable car that makes heads turn.

Sariel created the car out of mostly orange parts and if you’re a builder, you know that there aren’t that many orange parts available. This limitation made Sariel’s build somewhat harder because some parts weren’t available at all. Even with that limitation, Sariel finally completed the Audi R8 and has also released a video showcasing the features of it which you can check out in the video below.


Build Your Own LEGO Oscar Statue

A few days ago, the 87th Academy Awards were held and during the “Everything is Awesome” performance, LEGO versions of the Oscar statue were handed out to various celebrities. A few resourceful people over on Reddit studied and reverse engineered Nathan Sawaya’s video of him creating the statue frame by frame and has provided a LDD File for people who are interested in creating their own.

What’s cool about the Reddit thread is that one of the members of the crew who won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing for “American Sniper” also visits /r/LEGO/ and will be creating them for each member of the crew since only the bosses get the real thing.

So if you want to create one of Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO Oscar statues, you can now do that with the instructions provided in the LDD file. Nathan has also posted the Oscar statue on LEGO Ideas if you want support it.


LEGO Cloud Cuckoo Palace Unikitty Mech

News have been kind of slow lately but I did see this from my Instagram feed and it was worth mentioning since I’m into mech-type builds. What happens when you combine the cuteness of Unikitty with the menacing look of a LEGO mech suit? The end result is something that Martin Gee has created out of the Cloud Cuckoo Palace (70803), Architecture Studio (21050), and the Legends of Chima Wolf Legend Beast (70127). The cuteness will destroy you!


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