A few days ago, the 87th Academy Awards were held and during the “Everything is Awesome” performance, LEGO versions of the Oscar statue were handed out to various celebrities. A few resourceful people over on Reddit studied and reverse engineered Nathan Sawaya’s video of him creating the statue frame by frame and has provided a LDD File for people who are interested in creating their own.

What’s cool about the Reddit thread is that one of the members of the crew who won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing for “American Sniper” also visits /r/LEGO/ and will be creating them for each member of the crew since only the bosses get the real thing.

So if you want to create one of Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO Oscar statues, you can now do that with the instructions provided in the LDD file. Nathan has also posted the Oscar statue on LEGO Ideas if you want support it.

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