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LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window by monsterbrick

LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window - Monsterbrick

The Community Window at the Fashion Valley LEGO Store has been recently changed out and this month it features the work of Matt Armstrong, aka monsterbrick. For this month, Matt has brought in some of his animal-type builds including a cobra, elephant, spider, and mouse. If you have Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, which we reviewed back in October, you may notice a couple of the builds have been featured in the book.

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

The cobra build named Danger Danger! was created in 2009 and consists of about 500 pieces, mostly with claw elements. If you stretch it all out, it is a little more than 5 1/2 feet in length.

LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window - Monsterbrick

The other build that’s been featured in Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark is the spider. It is named No…Lil Miss Muffet Lives Down the Street and it consists of about 100 pieces.

LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window - Monsterbrick

In the foreground is a little TECHNIC mouse. You can see another angle of it here.

LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window - Monsterbrick

Finally, the last animal is the Mecha-Elephant. What’s cool about this build is that the legs are from the style of the Star Wars AT-AT. The rest of the elephant is just Matt’s style.

LEGO Store Fashion Valley Community Window - Monsterbrick

I’ve seen images of these builds online before but to see them in person is totally different. Just the sheer size and detail of these builds are truly amazing. If you’re in San Diego, I suggest go checking out the Community Window for yourself. Also if you’re lucky to have a LEGO Store near you, go check out some builds of local … Continue

Introducing Monster’s Marvel Mixel Masterpieces – The Sentinel Series

Monster's Marvel Mixel Masterpieces

With San Diego Comic Con 2014 around the corner, many people are building things to commemorate the event like Jason Daubert who built a number of pop cultural characters as CubeDudes. Another member of SandLUG, Matt Armstrong, aka MonsterBrick, has created some comic book characters with LEGO as part of his “Monster’s Marvel Mixel Masterpieces – The Sentinel Series.”

These characters are created by using the new LEGO Mixels joints and well as some building features of the Sentinel from the LEGO Marvel X-Men vs. The Sentinel (76022). Click through to see larger images of these cool creations. Don’t worry Matt, I’ll try to make it to the LUG meetings one of these days.

Monster's Marvel Mixel Masterpieces

Thor of Asgard Sentinel Series Human Torch Sentinel Series Captain America Sentinel Series Punisher Sentinel Series Falcon Sentinel Series Thing Pagano style Wolverine Sentinel Series Sacarafice of the Sentinel Flight Suit Mark 1 Sentinel Series, Mr. Iron Man Iron Man Sentinel Series Venom Sentinel Series Famous Covers Sentinel Series Sentinel Series Spider-Man Sentinel Symbiot Hulk Smash Bug! Pagano style


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