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Introducing Monster’s Marvel Mixel Masterpieces – The Sentinel Series


Monster's Marvel Mixel Masterpieces

With San Diego Comic Con 2014 around the corner, many people are building things to commemorate the event like Jason Daubert who built a number of pop cultural characters as CubeDudes. Another member of SandLUG, Matt Armstrong, aka MonsterBrick, has created some comic book characters with LEGO as part of his “Monster’s Marvel Mixel Masterpieces – The Sentinel Series.”

These characters are created by using the new LEGO Mixels joints and well as some building features of the Sentinel from the LEGO Marvel X-Men vs. The Sentinel (76022). Click through to see larger images of these cool creations. Don’t worry Matt, I’ll try to make it to the LUG meetings one of these days.

Monster's Marvel Mixel Masterpieces

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